12/22/04: From Harley Bennet:

  • “It has been a while since I checked out this site . . . I like the “geezerweb” keep up the good work. All the Wabash/Weston people need to thank you for keeping this line of communication open.

  • This has been interesting year for us. Ann had two surgeries this year; one for kidney stones and one to remove an enlarged parathyroid gland (which caused the kidney stones). However, the surgeries didn’t slow her down. In February we went to Florida stayed and did Epcot Center both free (a time share promotion) didn’t buy a time share but had lots of free fun! We also made two trips to Seattle to see the west coast Bennets, Olivia will be two years old this coming March. We also did a trip to Albuquerque for the balloon festival and went to Santa Fe and the mountains to check out the aspen color. We worked in a weekend trip to Nauvoo, Illinois, location of the 1800’s Mormon settlement, the site is mostly restored and very worthwhile, actually it’s amazing if your a history buff.

  • This Christmas our girls and their families will be home. Rachel’s husband, Bruce the paramedic, has the duty so he will not be with us. Also the west coast Bennets wont been able to be here, Dr. Joseph has hospital duty. But we’ll have a good time and the phone lines will be put to good use.

  • Keep warm and have fun!! —–Harley.”

12/22/04: Just wanted to advise everybody that I’ve changed my email address, as I now have my own domain and website. My new email address is steve@geezerweb.com, and of course my new website is geezerweb.com. (Check it out if you’re curious!) Of course, the Box website has changed too, but I guess if you’re reading this then you already know that, so be sure and bookmark it while you’re here. Let me know if you have any problems! –Steve

12/13/04: From Lisa Lowe:

  • “I just got back from Mexico on Saturday. Went with my sister and a couple of friends. I could not believe how beautiful it is there. In the 80’s every day and about 60 at night. Not one drop of rain. Went to Puerto Vallarta. (See CURRENT PICS for picture.)

  • More news that I know everyone will find shocking. Bryon and I decided to get married. He gave me a gorgeous engagement ring right before my birthday and we are going to get married this coming summer. It will be 5 years in August that we’ve been together, so figured we may as well make it legal.

  • Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! –Lisa”

12/3/04: From Frank Hires:

  • “Well I’m a grandpa now. Alexis Rachel was born 10/29 at 9 lbs 5oz. Laura had an easy delivery (easy for me to say) compared to the others I’ve been to including hers. I’m just about finished with a house that she’ll be moving into, my way of making sure she stays here with my grandchild. (To see pictures, click CURRENT PICS link.)

  • Still working at Bemis and dealing with a couple of slick ex-Wabash salesmen, Mark Taylor and Dave Wild.

  • Between my children (including a long lost one), my new granddaughter, trying to keep up with my wife, my job, and my rental business I barely have time for anything I enjoy but we are heading to Hawaii on spring break next year so that break in the hustle will help. I just hate paying for it so far ahead. As we all know….you never know what’s going to happen.

  • Andrea’s now a full time math teacher at Chauncey Rose. She loves the challenge of those kids. Laura is finishing up college (only missed a few classes because of the birth) that’s my girl, and she is a server at Cracker Barrel. Brittany is a junior at North and David is in his last year at Otter Creek.

  • All is well with everyone here. I wish you all a wonderful and joyous holiday season. –Frank”

11/30/04: News from Brenda Raley:

  • “Not much happening in our neck of the woods. I’ve been spending every free minute studying. I decided to take a 10 week course referred to as the SHRM Learning System. It is extremely difficult – so I work, and in the evening I study. I take my test in January.

  • Ran into Curt and Ward in BW3’s a couple of weeks ago. We sat and laughed about all kinds of stuff. Did you see the article in the Sunday Paper (maybe 2 weeks ago) where Curt killed that big – and I mean really big – elk? His picture and the dead elk were in the sports section.

  • Went to the funeral home for George Roehm’s wife – George sure looks the same.

  • John is drawing some “building plans” to add on a room to the house. We really need the space. It won’t add a lot of space, but just enough. We are due to get city water by Christmas – I hope! We are suppose to pick up our ’stake’ anytime to show them where to put the water meter – at least that is progress.

  • Saw Dwight McKay at Cracker Barrel on Sunday. He and his wife are expecting to become Grandparents next year sometime. Their daughter Holly is pregnant.


11/19/04: I’ve added another entry to the STEVE’S PICKS page. It’s a completely free anti-virus program that you can download and use. It’s pretty good, and much better than not having any kind of anti-virus protection. (You might already have an anti-virus program and that’s good as long as you keep doing the regular updates. If you don’t, then they say you’re better off with this free program.)

10/31/04: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! On a different note, you might want to check the latest addition to the STEVE’S PICKS page. I’ve found myself using it a lot lately and you might find it helpful too.

10/12/04: Had a phone conversation with Ken Boehm. He’s finally back in Chicago after many weeks in Florida, suffering through FOUR hurricanes and trying to clean up and repair all the damage. (Will add details as I get them.)

9/29/04: Something new has been added! If you’re curious, click on the STEVE’S PICKS button above.

9/14/04: Be sure to check the CONTACTS page for a new picture…it shows an attractive lady standing next to a Neanderthal. (Sorry, Gary – had to pay you back for the crack you made about Ken and I.)

9/5/04: From Gary Coffman:

  • “Hey. Just read the latest. Thanks for the reminder. I saw the picture of you two in Kentland — I’d kick you out too.

  • Spent about a week in Japan the week after I had the vacation in Florida (with Bob Higgins). By the way, he’s got a great golf game. I guess he has too much time on his hands. Anyway, my boy, Jay had surgery over in Japan for a kidney problem. I had to be there for the surgery. He’s fine now. He works for Ritsumeikan University as an interpreter and translator.

  • My daughter Jessica just got married in June. Leanne says we have to email a picture of the two of us from the wedding. I guess we can. We both started new jobs. I am still selling cutting dies and printing plates – but for Dynamic Dies now. Leanne is working in customer service for Zimmer Custom Made Packaging. They make ice cream and candy wrappers.

  • Ok, that’s the update. Thanks for maintaining the website. Its fun to read about everybody. Talk to you soon. Gary”

8/21/04: We had a phone call from Ken Boehm today – he was calling from Florida, where his winter home sustained some serious damage last week from hurricane Charley. He said that it destroyed his carport and also his lanai (screened-in patio) and took some shingles off the roof. His lawn buildings were also a total loss, and he has no power and no water, so has rented a house in Sarasota (about 60 miles away) where he’s staying while he tries to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, his father’s house (he lives nearby) was damaged even worse than Ken’s, so he’s trying to help him with that…and if that’s not enough trouble, Ken’s uncle – who also lives in the area – had a heart attack trying to clean HIS house up, so now Ken’s trying to help with his too. Whew!

Ken says it’s chaos down there, and the utility companies and insurance companies are so overloaded with problems that he can hardly even get anyone to talk to him, let alone do anything. On top of the mess, there are continuous traffic jams from sight-seers, and with temperatures in the 90s everybody is really getting stressed out.

I know we all wish the best for Ken and we’re sure he’ll work through this.

8/12/04: From Jerry Fields: “Just wanted to let everyone know I have just transferred to the Terre Haute Mill. I moved back to Terre Haute in June and am working as the Cost Manager to learn the Mill system. It is so nice to be back in town with friends and family. I have to thank my boss in Memphis for letting me move back to Terre Haute for a while. IP has been good to me. I am not sure how long I will get to stay in Terre Haute but will enjoy every moment I get with the family.

Matt is now a Sophomore at Rose-Hulman and doing well. He will be playing on their football team this fall so watch for the headlines!! Andrew will be a Senior at North and you will find him around town in his Jeep. Emili will be in the 7th grade at Woodrow Wilson and is on the Vibe Tribe dance team. Time does fly…..Jerry”


  • If you have web-based email (rather than the regular kind) then the email link at the top might not work for you. However, everybody can click on the COMMENTS button above to pass along news, comments…or complaints!

  • Now that I think of it, this might be a good time to remind you all that even though I enjoy keeping the website going, it would be so much better if some of you would send in some stuff too. News, pictures, anything you can come up with would be appreciated.

6/23/04: Today was the BIG Chicago-Terre Haute summit meeting. Well, maybe not that big…but it was fun as Ken Boehm and Steve Albin each drove half-way and met for lunch in beautiful downtown Kentland to talk over old times. In fact, they would still be talking if the place hadn’t emptied and the waitress hadn’t shooed them out. If you want to see the semi-old coots, click on CURRENT PICS above.

6/22/04: Excerpts from an email from Brenda Raley: “Doubt many remember Gene Klepfer, but what I understand, he left Terre Haute to oversee the building of the Fort Wayne plant then became their General Manager until his retirement in 1977. I became acquainted with his daughter who called me last year (around Christmas time) trying to find some information on his life insurance and pension. She told me her father was in poor health. Yvonne faxed me a copy of the obit last Thursday, that Gene passed away at the “young” age of 92.

Spoke with Martha (Jack Dreher’s wife) on the phone this evening. She said the water came close but didn’t get into their basement. They are grateful. Our garden looks good. We are eating cabbage, zuc’s, and cucumbers. I saw the first eggplant starting last night. So in about a week, we should have eggplant. The bunnies have filled up on my green beans, so they (the green beans) are beginning to grow again. John & I sit out on the porch and watch the hummingbirds, finches and squirrels – guess that is telling our ages. —Brenda”

6/11/04: Charlie Martin’s Riverton Parke High School baseball team lost their first game of the year recently…unfortunately, it was the championship game of the regional and it knocked the team out of this year’s tournament. They finished 28-1 and have a lot to be proud of for another fine year.

6/2/04: From Jan Hoffman: “Some of you may remember Bob Carroll – he was one of our box salesmen out of the Lexington plant…..Ron Hanks called to tell me that Bob had passed away and his remains will be brought back to Indiana for burial as he is a Hoosier. Believe he leaves his wife, Judi, and either two or three grown children. Bob had a great personality and was a super box salesman. I know you all join me in sending sympathy to his family.”

5/31/04: Follow-up from Brenda: “We survived the 4.4 inches of rain last night with minimal damage. I’ve been here 23 years and have never seen our creek raise that high. We had water get into our garage for the first time and nearly into our new barn – double yikes! But we thank the Lord the beans didn’t wash out of the field and the raging water didn’t tear out our chain link fence (dog pen)….it opened the gate, but I caught it before the dogs did. And the new day is beautiful. Want to run up to Roselawn later today to put something on Grandpa’s grave. Someone at work mentioned putting veggies and fruit on the graves for the deer to eat….Grandpa would love that over me spending money on flowers. So I’ll probably put out some apples and carrots.”

5/30/04: There’s a nice story in today’s Terre Haute Tribune-Star about Charlie Martin’s son (also named Charlie) who is a high school baseball coach at Riverton-Parke, and again this year he has his team poised to make some noise in the state tournament. Last year they had an excellent record, but this year they are undefeated! Good luck, Charlie. (Click here to read the story.)

5/29/04: Got an email from Brenda Raley yesterday…here are a few excerpts: “Just checking in. Things have been soooo very busy. Garden looks good – we have so many strawberries I started freezing them and now the garden’s so wet, we’ll probably lose the last picking. Work is finally busy again, you know me, can’t stand not having anything to do. We took my nephew fishing last Saturday. It was really nice to get the boat out and be out on the river.”

5/17/04: Ran into Frank Hires at Wal-Mart the other day, and he passed along the news that his daughter Laura is about to make him a grandpa! Maybe he’ll email us a picture to post on the website when the happy event occurs.

5/16/04: Had a nice email from Jan Hoffman a while back, complimenting the website…and she even liked “Steve’s Scribblings”. Thanks, Jan!

4/20/04: Our thanks to Ken Boehm, who recently passed along a possible solution to the high price of gasoline. Click here to take a look. (Warning – just slightly risque!) P.S. That is NOT Ken in the picture!

4/18/04: Something new on the website. At the top you’ll see a button marked BEST OF SS, which stands for “Best of Steve’s Scribblings”. It’s a page showing some of my favorite newsletter columns. I know that my writing might not be that interesting to some people, but I’d like to think that they were sometimes readable. (PS: I’ll keep adding to the page as we work our way through the rest of the newsletters on the regular page.)

4/1/04: Lots of new little things (and some not so little) on the website, so be sure to spend some time looking around! And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke…

3/31/04: Got an email from Ken Boehm, who has been spending some time recently at his place in Florida. In the “Small World” department, he said he had an email from Gary Coffman, who is headed to Florida with his wife Leanne and her friend…to visit the friend’s father, Bob Higgins! Gee, I wonder who that daughter might be? -)

3/7/04: From the Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

Harold D. Tichenor, 91, of Pimento died at 1:05 a.m. Friday, March 5, 2004, in Sullivan Health & Living Center. He worked at Wabash Fibre Box for 42 years. He was born March 4, 1913, in Vigo County to Orville Ray Tichenor and Margaret Enders Tichenor. His wife of 68 years, Thelma Reece Tichenor, died in 2002. Survivors include one son, Donald Ray Tichenor of Odon; five grandchildren and their spouses, Linda and Ric Jeffries, Brenda and John Raley, Ray and Debbie Tichenor, B.J. and Jim Campbell and Steve and Kathy Tichenor, all of Pimento; seven grandchildren; and a special cousin, Kate Enders Henley of Terre Haute. He also was preceded in death by his parents; one daughter, Betty Tichenor Aldrich; and one brother, John Tichenor. He was a 1930 graduate of Pimento High School and attended Brown’s Business College. He was a 60-year member of Pimento United Methodist Church. He continued to ride his three-wheeled vehicle until he suffered a stroke on February 29. He loved to garden and loved every aspect of farm life. For many years he provided milk, eggs and homemade butter to friends and the community. His love for serving the Lord and helping others was the most evident aspect of his life. He served the Lord well. Services are 10 a.m. Tuesday in DeBaun Springhill Chapel, with the Rev. Don Tichenor and Mike Barcus officiating. Burial is in Roselawn Memorial Park. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. Monday. The family suggests that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Pimento United Methodist Church Building Fund, P.O. Box 55, Pimento, IN 47866; or to Gideons International.

3/5/04: We’ve received word that Harold Tichenor passed away last night. Here’s the message from Brenda Raley: “Grandpa suffered a stroke last Sunday morning and died this morning at 1:02 am. He turned 91 yesterday. Services are pending at Debaun Springhill. My sister, dad and I will make the arrangements this morning. He was so happy the snow had melted and had ridden his bike all last week – even riding a couple of times a day. So, thank the Lord he was able to ride his bike right up to the end. It’s been a rough week, but I can grieve with hope that he’s with his Lord and Saviour and one day I will see him again. Brenda”

3/3/04: From the Terre Haute Tribune-Star:
Ray V. Pruitt, 73, of Terre Haute died at 2:50 a.m. Tuesday, March 2, 2004, in Union Hospital. He was born March 18, 1930, in Terre Haute to Thomas Pruitt and Nora Ann Garlock Pruitt. His wife, Irene Pruitt, died earlier. Survivors include three sons, Ray V. Pruitt II of Rockville, John Medley of Bloomington, Ill., and Robert Medley of Terre Haute; five daughters, Nora Kersey and Beverly Walker, both of Terre Haute, Cathy Hensley of Sun City, Ariz., Linda Kuhn of Indianapolis and Carla Jean Medley of Phoenix; one sister, Rita Higgins of Terre Haute; 12 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; and a special friend, Lois Holdaway of Terre Haute. He also was preceded in death by his parents; one daughter, Verna Isom; and five brothers, Elbert Pruitt, Everett Pruitt, Carol Pruitt, Paul Pruitt and Cecil Pruitt. Services are 11 a.m. Friday in Mattox-Wood Funeral Home, with the Rev. Bill Herb officiating. Burial is in Roselawn Memorial Park. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday.

2/26/04: I don’t know how many of you noticed, but a week or so ago the Terre Haute Tribune-Star had a picture of some folks at a local nursing home, and right in the middle was our own Bill Deighton! I’m sure most of you remember him from all his years in the TH box plant, where he was a Shift Superintendent at the time of his retirement. Bill was one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet and it’s good to see he’s still smiling. (Click CURRENT PICS above to see the picture.)

2/15/04: Check the OTHER LOCATIONS page to see a bit of nostalgia we’ve added.

2/13/04: I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Dave Wild. I’m sure most of you remember him from his days as a Wabash sales rep. Here’s what he had to say: “I (Note: take a look at the CONTACTS page to see Dave and his family.) just received an email from Frank Hires with the web site address. What a hoot! I ran in to Frank at a meeting with Bemis a few days ago. I just started a new job with Newark Paperboard Products. It seems to be much like the old Wabash…privately held, etc. We have a few customers in Terre Haute but don’t have a plant in Indiana yet. We are shipping cores out of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for the time being. Looks like we will be building one within the year, maybe even in Terre Haute. All is fine with everyone around here. I just bought a new house in Fishers, IN three years ago. My boys are doing very well. Stephen is now 14 and Christopher is now 11. I just re-married last October 24th to Christie. She is a senior account representative and trainer for H&R Block Mortgage. It really was nice to hear what has been going on with the old Wabash crew. Please feel free to pass on my address to everyone and hope to see some of you while ‘knocking on doors’ in Terre Haute. Good luck and best wishes to all. –Dave Wild”

2/3/04: Just wanted to welcome Harley Bennet to the CONTACTS page, and also take the opportunity to remind other website visitors that it’s very easy to get added to that page. All you have to do is click on the link. And remember, you don’t have to put a lot of information on the page if you don’t want to…it’s strictly voluntary! (PS Another new addition to the page is a picture of Ken and Connie.)

1/20/04: Here’s something kind of interesting. I don’t know how many of you watch The Food Network, but they just had a show called Unwrapped that featured a Terre Haute business – one that Lisa Lowe works for now! Hulman and Company (and Clabber Girl) was the subject of one of the stories on the show, and it included a couple of local folks…but not Lisa, unfortunately. If you want to see it, according to the Food TV website it will be rebroadcast at 11PM on Sunday, January 25th. If you miss it, here’s a link to the website about the show.

1/8/04: Just wanted to report something new I’m doing — I really think that most of the folks on our mailing list enjoy looking at the website, but just don’t always remember to check it regularly. For that reason, I’m going to begin sending out a regular reminder once a month. (Remember, the reminder goes out with all email addresses hidden, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy…although I’ll be glad to take you off the list if you ask.)

1/6/04: Got a nice email from Gary Coffman, who lives and works in Indianapolis. I’m sure a lot of you remember him from all his years at the Ft Wayne plant, or after that as a printing die sales rep…and you also might remember his wife, Leanne, who worked at the Terre Haute plant for quite a while. Anyhow, here are some excerpts from his letter: “Things are fine here in sunny Greenwood (well, not so sunny just now). Leanne is fine. It’s just the two of us and two dogs and a cat. The kids are gone. Stephanie is still in Terre Haute. We just got her moved into a new apartment on the north side. My three are all gone. Jessica, my oldest is a graduate of Purdue and works at Roche Diagnostics on the north side of Indy in customer service. She’s getting married in May. I’m still trying to recover financially. Katy, my middle child, is also on the north side working for a beauty supply place. She cut hair for awhile and has been through a commercial make-up course, and for awhile was making up potential models and Colts cheerleaders and brides, etc. My boy, Jay, is in Japan working at a university there as a interpreter and facilitator helping people to write contracts and such in English. He majored in Japanese Studies at Earlham College in Richmond, IN. Don’t know much else. It was a hoot seeing the Ft. Wayne Customer Service Dept. on the web site. Stay in touch. Gotta go for now. Gary.”

1/6/04: From Ken Boehm: “Everything is going OK here, got about seven inches of snow Sunday night so I have a sore back from shoveling it but I will get over it. As long as it don’t snow any more. Sure is cold here – got down to 3 below last night, going down to that again tonight. Our high today is only going to be about 10 degrees – too cold for me. At least I don’t have to go out in it if I choose not to. We had a nice Christmas and New Years. Spent some time with my family and some with Connie’s. New Years eve we went to the show and saw Cheaper by the Dozen – great movie, very funny but I could not imagine having that many kids. Then we went out for dinner, came home watched TV – the count down – and went to bed. That is a sign of old age guess. Ken.”

1/1/04: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Here’s hoping that you all have a very good 2004.

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