1/31/05: Excerpts from an email from Brenda Raley:

  • “I passed the PHR exam and received my Professional Human Resources certification today. I don’t really know where it will take me…but it sure feels good to accomplish it.

  • “John’s talked to Jack and been down there a couple of times. He said that Jack has quite a mess. He and Martha did not leave, they stayed in the house all the time the water was high.

  • “Ward sent me an e-mail just checking up on me and then I ran into him in Sam’s, but really haven’t heard from anyone else.

  • “John ran into Tim Mundy the other evening – he seems to be doing well.

  • “Had an e-mail from Yvonne this evening…things seem to be going well in FW.”

1/21/05: Note about the Newsletter page. I am going to temporarily show more issues on that page because we’re approaching the final issue. Today I added July 1998 and next week I’ll add Aug/Sep 1998, which is the last issue. (Later in 1998 a faux newsletter was started, but those were not saved.)

1/19/05: Don’t know if you noticed, but Jack Dreher was on TV again today, being interviewed on the local news about flooding, water problems, etc. I think Jack has been on TV and in the newspaper more than the mayor!

1/12/05: If you just have this site bookmarked, don’t forget to take a look at the basic GEEZERWEB site once in a while. It has a lot of good info and I’m having a good time with it.

1/4/05: Just thought I’d post a link for the website I maintain for my grandsons, for those who are interested. (Grandpa finally got a new battery for his camera.)

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