Welcome To The NEW Box Site

Posted: January 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Whether you’ve been forwarded from the old box site or have heard about it otherwise, welcome to the new look for our website.

I’ve transferred most of the info from the older Out Of The Box to this site, which is a very nice free service offered by WordPress. (They’re the ones who host my music blog, which is approaching 2 years old.)

This system also easily allows readers to post comments on any article, so by all means write a note with your two cents worth. Just find “comments” at the bottom of any article (it might say “no comments” if no one has written anything yet). It’s easy!

And don’t forget you can email me if you have any news or other info you want to share. I plan to share my thoughts a lot more often than I did on the old site, so I’d encourage everyone to do the same.

Oh, and one more thing — I’ve brought back most of the pictures that had disappeared from the old website, and they’re available by clicking on the Photos box on the right side!

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