A Note From Ken Boehm

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Got a nice note from Ken Boehm about our new format, so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

And while I’m at it, I want to remind everybody that you can send in notes right here on the website. If there isn’t already a space there for comments, just click at the bottom, where it says “comments”. (It might say “no comments”, which just means nobody has commented yet.)

Anyway, here’s Ken’s note:

Hey Steve great job I really like your new format and all the stuff you have on here, I will need to check it out more often. It was nice to read the note from Ron Hanks. I think of him often he was one of the best and a very funny guy. keep up the good work – I enjoyed it a lot. Ken

  1. Ron Hanks says:

    Hi, Ken Boehm. Nice of you to mention my name in a very positive manner. Your name lives on in my memory as one of the Wabash people (Steve Albin is another) who contributed greatly in the late 70s and early 80s to the growth and success of the new, at that time, Wabash sales and manufacturing business in Lexington, Kentucky. Oh how I still remember well the MANY times you found room, perhaps even had to make room, for one of our hot orders. You were, and still are, appreciated……….This is the first time ol’ computer clumsy Hanks has tried to respond and input direct to Boxsite. Hope it goes thru. Usually I send thru Steve so that he can edit……….Ron

  2. BG says:

    Worked like a charm, Ron. It was automatically posted and at the same time alerted me via email that a comment had been posted.

    Now if we could just get other folks to write in too!


    PS Ken is in Florida right now, and I don’t think he does much computing down there.

  3. Ken Boehm says:

    Hey Ron thanks for the kind words and the joke that was a good one or was that a true experience ? Because i could see you doing something like that . I was the guy on the other side yelling 14-14-14. nice to have seen you again, see what a small word this is.
    All joking asite you where one of the best to work with and i hope you have a great retirement. Keep up that smile and great sense of humor that you have. I do remember that one time you took out for lunch to that fancy BBQ place and said i was in for a treat but when we pulled up to it you said it may not look like much but the food is great and it was and I have never forgotten it. We will have to meet there someday for a sandwich.

    Have a good one Ron, your old pal from Chicago.

    Ken Boehm

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