Max ‘Moose’ Downs Says Hello, Asks For Info

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Received the following from a former co-worker, Max Connie Downs.

Stumbled across the “out of the box” website while trying to find information about Wabash Fibre Box. I worked at WFB from 1965-1975. I was amazed to find such a site and really enjoyed seeing pictures of people I worked with so long ago. Thanks for doing this.

(Added later) While working at WFB I worked primarily in the die-cut department then drove a fork-lift for the last several years. I worked with guys like Wes Dillion, Jim Page, Ken Kisner, Fred Marts, Bill Perdeau, John Kelly and so many others. Many of my co-workers back then called me Moose.

But I do have an ulterior motive. I turn 65 years old in July of this year. I have a letter that I received when I left WFB signed by Charlie Campbell advising I would be entitled to a pension on my reaching 65 years old. However, I have no clue anymore who to contact to apply for the pension.  I am hoping you or one of your readers can provide me a contact name.

Thanks so very much!

Max Downs

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