Hello Again

Posted: October 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

I thought I’d write a little for two reasons. First, to bring folks up to date, I’ve had another physical problem and it was my own dumb fault. I was getting along pretty well, rehabbing and getting stronger and more nimble, but maybe I was overconfident because I lost my balance and fell and broke my hip. Got a replacement hip joint and now have a lot more therapy to look forward to. Oh well…

My second reason for writing is to thank Lisa (Lowe) Yowell for some very nice emails, and she also sent me a picture which you can see below. In her letters she passed along a few things that others may or may not know, and (with her permission) I thought I’d include them here.

Lisa has been a widow for about three years, has moved back to Terre Haute into a new house, and she loves it. She’s still working at Clabber Girl — 18 years now — and her sister works there too so that’s nice. Says she runs into Brenda (Higgins) Roman occasionally.

Now here’s that picture she sent — lookin’ good, Lisa! (Just want to remind everybody that I’d love to hear from you and will also publish a recent picture of you if you send it.)


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