12/20/01: Happy Holidays, everyone – our best to you and your families. Steve & Kathy

12/18/01: From Harley Bennet: “This has been a busy year for the Bennet’s. In January, Ann had cataract surgery on both eyes; the results are amazing. For the first time in her life she can see without glasses. We are both involved in community and church projects; our calendars are packed. However, we were able to take a trip to the northwest to visit our son Joseph and his wife Holly in Seattle. After Seattle we went to Victoria, BC. Canada; what an experience. If you ever get the chance go to Victoria. I’m still doing consulting work. I designed an estimating system for Wabash Valley Packaging (Hubbard’s box plant) and I’m helping with their 2002 plan. Some on the Weston/Wabash guys still get together for lunch once a month. Yesterday, Dick Vining, Ron Holmes, Bob Thomas, Gene Rohrbach, Ron Kyle, Gary Schomer, Dale Hutson, Steve Messmer, Curt Stephens, and I got together for Christmas cheer at the Holiday Inn in Terre Haute. Hope you are able to renew some Weston/Wabash family ties this holiday season. Happy holidays and good fortune for the new year. Thanks for keeping the website going. Harley.”

12/15/01: From Brenda: “From our home to yours, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. – John & Brenda Raley”

12/5/01: From Frank Hires: “R & A Sales has bought the Wabash properties (not the Weston Building) and is warehousing Bemis material now, as we are doing away with Jadcore. I was invited for a tour of the facility and was able to take a few pictures. It sure was strange going through the empty building but it is also good to see that the new owners are updating it as it needed. They have spent the last MONTH doing nothing but cleaning. Most of it will be for warehousing but some of it will be for their filter business. Things are going good in the Hires household. Have a nice Christmas everyone. Frank” (See CURRENT PIC page – link is at top)

11/23/01: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star obituaries:

Fred L. Marts, 81, of Terre Haute died at noon Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2001, in Union Hospital. He formerly worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and more recently retired as a die maker for the Wabash Fibre Box Co. He was born May 17, 1920, in Sullivan County to Forrest Wayne Marts and Fern Pittman Marts. Survivors include his wife, Margaret Fry Marts; two daughters and sons-in-law, Rosemary and Ward Hubbard and Patricia and Garry Woods, all of Terre Haute; four grandchildren, Brad Woods and his wife Lisa, Brian Woods, Courtney Hubbard and Anne Hubbard; three great-grandchildren, Kelsey Woods, Kaylee Woods and Hunter Woods; and several cousins. He was an Army veteran of World War II, serving in the European and African theaters. He was a member of Lawton Byrum Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 972. Services are 2 p.m. Saturday in Callahan & Hughes Funeral Home at 605 S. 25th St. Burial is in Roselawn Memorial Park, with military honors by VFW Post 972. Visitation is 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday.

11/22/01: From Jan Hoffman: “Hi everyone – just want to say hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing special going on with the Hoffmans – husband, Jack, doing some autumn tillage after having fertilizer spread on farmground….we have had a wonderful fall and we all have much to be thankful. Best regards to everyone. Jan”

11/18/01: From Brenda: “Thanksgiving is a great time to remember all my wonderful friends past and present. This web site offers me the opportunity to wish you each a wonderful, happy, healthy holiday season. I’m taking a few days at home just to enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving – Brenda Raley”

10/31/01: From Gary Schomer: “Steve – I agree that retirement is great, and I know that your grandchild is tops. However, I have to vote for my two little granddaughters! As always I have been busy volunteering. It has moved into more than half a job, but doesn’t pay well. I’m glad to see all of the responses from everyone. It looks like things are going well. Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving! Your website is looking good, it just needs current info. People just don’t think to submit it. Keep up the good work.”

10/12/01: From the Raleys: “Greetings! I convinced John to leave his retirement lifestyle for a couple of days to join me at the Mason Container Facility. Division had requested a Feed Roll Safety Guarding Survey be conducted and since I’m the Interim EHS Coordinator and they do not have a Maintenance Supv., I called on my “best resource”. John said he really enjoyed being back in the box plant and seemed to really enjoy himself, but not enough to accept an interim Maintenance Mgr.’s position when offered. He told the GM that there were still too many fish to catch! He’s having too much fun!!! We did make a stop at the Bass Pro Shop on the way home — more stuff for the boat! Retirement is Good!!! Enjoy the beautiful trees and this great weather!! Brenda & John Raley”

10/11/01: From Lisa Lowe: “Hello Everyone, I guess everybody knows I work at Hulman & Co. This building has been here for 150 years and there are TONS of antiques stored here. Today we were going through some of them and cataloging them. Guess what we came across? A Clabber Girl corrugated carton from 1923. Right on the bottom was the Wabash Fibre box stamp. Pretty amazing that we were doing business with them way back then! We are collecting things to put in our museum. It has been started and when it is finished, will be a really neat place to visit. Anyway, I thought that was interesting. Ran into Mary Elliott at Wal-Mart and she is working at Union Hospital. She says she loves her job and gets paid even more that she did at Wabash! We are having a fish fry for Bryon’s 40th birthday on Sat. About 40 people are coming. Unfortunately, I think it will rain. Guess it will be pretty crowded in the house! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Hope everyone is doing good. Lisa”

9/23/01: From Audra Buchanan: “I just wanted to tell everyone about our vacation. With everything that happened it made me think of all of my friends at the old Wabash. I hope everyone is doing well. We went to Fort Myers, Florida the Sunday before all of the tragic events took place. We flew down there, which was our first time to fly. Andy and I both enjoyed it. It rained pretty much every day. The morning of the attack, we were down on the beach and didn’t hear about it until around lunch time. Things sure changed for us. We began to wonder what was the best way to get home. We ended up renting a car and driving back. The bad part is our plane ended up leaving as scheduled. Of course, I’m not sure how comfortable I would have been on the return flight. All in all it was a good vacation. I think someone was trying to tell us we shouldn’t have went but they waited a little to late. The important thing is we made it home. On a lighter note, things are going well at work and we have been extremely busy. Thinking about all of you. Audra”

8/21/01: One of the things I’m enjoying doing with my time is seeing my grandson a little more than I used to. His second birthday is coming up Thursday and he’s still the cutest kid in the world! This morning, Kathy and I had him to ourselves for a while in Deming Park and he just about wore out his Grampa…or “Pam-pa” as he calls me. On a different subject, I don’t usually do endorsements but I wanted to mention a new eating place that I’d like to see be successful for a simple reason – it’s good! A lot of the folks who used to work in our office might find it a surprise when I tell you that it’s a new Chinese restaurant/buffet in Plaza North shopping center. I’ve never been a big fan of Chinese food…remember how I used to call it road-kill when some of you would have it delivered to the office? However, the food at this place is great and they have the biggest and most varied buffet I’ve ever seen. If you’re watching what you eat, there’s lots of low-fat high-fiber choices…but if you’re into seeing how many platefuls of rich food you can put away, you can do that too. And finally, if you have members of your family who like “regular” food (instead of Chinese) there’s a lot of choices for them too. —Steve

8/12/01: From Brenda Raley: “For those of you that watch the “Great Wabash River”, it is possible for you to find two river rats afloat on the mighty Wabash. Jack (Dreher) and John have “gone back to fishin”, almost weekly, and loving it. Retirement is really good!!!! so they tell me. Enjoy your summer…..it will soon be fall!!! Also, I don’t know how many remember Don Barnett, but I did see where he passed away. – Brenda”

8/9/01: In the “small world” department…I talked to Ken Boehm yesterday, and found out that he was way up in Northern Michigan at Mackinac last weekend – exactly where we went through on our trip up to Canada recently. Even funnier…while they were there they ran into his daughter and her family, who were also enjoying a weekend there! …Steve

Word from Jan: “Hi everyone – Jan Hoffman here – thanks to Steve for the info on the Canadian trip…and Steve, continued good luck on the healthy regimen you are following…it’s a good reminder to all of us as to how we should live…come on gang, let’s put all those fast food places, Ritters, etc. out of business? (Hey, quit throwing all those darts at me! I love the junk food, too, ya know.) Have a good summer and stay cool.”

7/30/01: I’m always nagging everyone to write in and contribute to this website, and Kathy reminded me that I haven’t written anything myself for quite a while…so here goes. Her and I just got back recently from another trip to Canada. Believe it or not, we went back to the same place we went in August of last year – Sault Ste Marie – and took that same train ride again. (If you’re at all interested, my travelogue from last year’s trip is still available online. Just click here.) Other than that, there’s not too much going on with us. Neither of us is working at a “real” job (just some internet things) and don’t have any plans to do so at this point, but you never know what the future might bring. Health-wise, I’m holding my own and am encouraged by the progress I’ve made – especially over the last couple of months since I’ve kicked up my exercising a little. I don’t know if any of you saw the program on PBS the other night…it was about the latest in heart health efforts, and studies have shown that for some people, a regimen of diet, exercise and medication can eventually eliminate the need for open heart surgery. That’s what I’m following right now and so far, so good. Steve

7/27/01: From Penny Freeze: “Hi everyone! hope everyone’s summer is going well… It has been quiet around our farm, but that can change on a moments notice I am sure. Brad and I went to Vegas again…I am still working, so it is safe to say we did not hit the big jackpot!!! I sure like Lisa’s idea of a reunion. I would donate the porch if this is something we all want to do?! It would be nice to catch up. I really enjoy reading everyone’s notes to Steve. Have a wonderful end to summer!!! — Penny”

7/26/01: From Lisa Lowe: “Hello Everyone, Remember how everyone always teased me about my 5 weeks vacation? That is one of the things I miss most about Wabash! This year I get 7 days. I am taking 5 of it this week. I have enjoyed it so much. My niece and nephew are here this week and we have been doing things together. Took them to see the movie The Animal. It was goofy, but very funny. We went swimming and to the mall. Today hope to go swimming again. It has finally cooled off some, so will take Shane golfing. I am going to Florida over Labor Day weekend with a friend from work. Taking the rest of my vacation plus some personal days. (We get 4 personal days) Bryon is working in Evansville now. He hadn’t been home in a couple of weeks, so came home and surprised me the other night. He was surprised that Ashlyn was spending the night! Shannon and I are going to Evansville Friday to the horse races. She has never been. Tonight I am taking my mom to The Beef House. So, as you can see, I am enjoying my days off. Especially sleeping in. We have summer hours 7-4 and I hate getting up so early. When school is back in, we go back to 8-5. As usual, I will send a picture. (Click here) Hope everyone is doing good. We should have a reunion dinner sometime. Lisa.”

7/12/01: From Jan Shackelford: “Hello Everyone: It was great to read everyone’s notes and get caught up. I had not checked the site for quite some time but am certainly glad I did. So far, this has been quite a busy summer for us. On June 16, our youngest son, Jon, married Katie Lammers in Sullivan. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time. This mother-in-law thing is pretty great. Jon is a firefighter/EMT for Honey Creek and Katie is an EMT at Union Hospital. Along with Katie came three “grandcats” to add to our “grand-animal” group. Brenda Raley’s brother, Steve, who works with Jon at Honey Creek, was an usher in the wedding—small world! A couple of weeks ago, Jay, our oldest, who previously worked for Wabash, announced his engagement to Kim Maddox. Kim is from Washington, IN and just graduated from IVY Tech with a degree in Paramedic Science. She takes her National Paramedic test this week at Ohio State University and currently works for Regional in the Cardiac Care Unit. Their wedding is set for 6/8/02. Jay recently became a firefighter for Honey Creek and will start EMT classes in August. Along with Kim comes Cocoa, her puppy, so with Jay’s Black Lab, Ariel, we have two “granddogs”. Joe and I also have an addition to our animal family. Isaac, black Cocker, is our “puppy nephew”. He actually belongs to my niece but lives with us. Our dog wasn’t too thrilled with this addition. Joe continues with the State Police and I’m completing my second year with Indiana State Teachers Association. Other than wedding-related things, we haven’t done much except work and keep the yard mowed. I agree with everyone—Ritters is the best. Everyone take care and have a great rest of the summer. Jan Shackelford”

7/8/01: From Michelle Adams: “Well, as you have already heard, I am back in Indiana. Shelburn is home, and I am so glad to be back! I decided to move back home because I’m not “big city” material! I’m sure all of you can understand. Haven’t had a chance to hit “Ritters” yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon….”turtle something” anyone?!? That’s my favorite…in case anyone wants to surprise me. Ha! Hope everyone is doing well, and keep in touch! I have really missed everyone. Michelle”

7/7/01: From Jan Hoffman: “Hi everyone – hope you all had a happy 4th of July. Nothing special with us…..just keeping busy mowing grass, etc. this summer, and other farm duties…..good to hear about Brenda’s vacation and glad John is continuing to do well. Did see about IP’s upcoming layoffs…..been wondering when that would happen in view of so many companies cutting back, etc. Sure hope the Weston/Wabash people come out okay……these are interesting times. Sorry about Roger Sanders….I remember him well, and he was a fine gentleman and the Sanders family were good people. Well, this is it for now – enjoy your summer. Jan.”

7/6/01: From Jerry Fields: “Okay, Brenda is telling on me now. The Ritter thing was supposed to be “our little secret.” Seriously, Memphis has nothing close to Ritters so those of you who have not visited, it is worth the calories. Trust me!! I usually hit Ritters with the kids every time I visit Terre Haute. I am sure many of you have heard about the IP layoffs. 3000 jobs in total and 300 in Memphis. I haven’t heard if it has affected any of the “Weston/Wabash” folks. I have been told my job is secure. Well, I hope everyone has a great summer. I am looking forward to a week off with my kids at the end of July.”

7/5/01: From Brenda and John Raley: “Greetings from Pimento!!! The summer has began as a busy one for us. I flew home from Memphis on a Wednesday (3 weeks ago) and was to drive to Cincinnati for 2 days. (I’ve been on the road 4-5 days a week lately). My plane blew a tire on landing in Indy and we were 1 1/2 hours being towed to the terminal, but thankfully we were all uninjured. Then 5 hours later, I received a phone call that I needed to call the ER, where my oldest sister was with John. He was treated and released that evening. I returned home on Friday to find him experiencing the same symptoms. This time they admitted him (could have been due to by blunt attitude with the level of treatment he had previously received). He underwent an emergency endoscope and was released on Father’s Day – just in time for my family to arrive for dinner…oh boy!! He’s getting along pretty well. The right treatment and right medication do a lot for a person. We left the following Thursday for 2 weeks out west. It was a much needed vacation. North & South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and just for fun we ran down to the southwest corner of Colorado! It was as beautiful as we remembered it to be, and we really enjoyed ourselves and were really lazy. Glacier National Park in Montana and the drive from Silverton to Durango, Colorado have to be two of the most beautiful places in the world (in my opinion). Hope everyone else is enjoying their summers and I look forward to hearing about some of your ‘favorite vacation spots’.

Some of you probably remember our oldest retiree from Wabash, Roger Sanders. It is on a sad note that we report his passing on Monday of this week. Roger was 98. The records indicate he started with Wabash in 1925 and retired in 1965. He was a Supervisor in the Press Room. He was featured a couple of times in the “Wabash Express”.

Michelle Adams is moving back to Terre Haute this weekend, so if you happen by the Ritter’s Ice Cream (in the North end) – a real favorite of Jerry’s (Fields), Michelle’s and mine – and you see Michelle, give her a hardy “Welcome Home”. She is real excited about coming home.”

6/26/01: Hi everybody. Well, it’s time for me to remind you all that I don’t mind maintaining this website – in fact, I enjoy it – but it’s sure going to get pointless if none of you ever send any news in, and that’s what seems to be happening. Any thoughts?

(PS: Check the Nostalgia page for a couple of new pictures.) Steve

5/26/01: I’m happy to report that the retiree dinner went off without a hitch. Our thanks to Brenda Raley for all her work toward making it happen. Click here for pictures and details.

5/23/01: A recent issue of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star has a nice interview with Ward Hubbard. Click here if you’d like to read it.

5/13/01: Received a valuable tip from Frank Hires that he wanted passed on to other folks. He advises that everybody who received (or is receiving) severance pay should check the amounts carefully. Frank’s was shorted substantially and he had to go to quite a bit of trouble to get them to correct the situation. Thanks for the heads-up, Frank.

Other news: Brenda advises that plans are proceeding for a retirement dinner for all those who took early retirement as part of the plant closing. That includes (in alphabetical order) Steve Albin, Dick Boatman, Bill Davis, Lowell Davis, Mary Elliott, Ben Hamilton, Bill Higgins, Bob Kutch, Russ Miller, Bill Pastorius, John Raley, Judy Torbert and Jim Tyler. Also due to attend as an honored guest is Barney McMahon, and possibly some others. It’s set for May 25th and I plan to take my digital camera with me, so hopefully will be able to post some pictures here at some point afterwards. Steve

4/19/01: Had a nice email from Donna Hubbard in Lexington. She says she’d like to hear from some folks. If you want her email address, drop me a note. Steve

4/15/01: “Happy Easter to all of the Weston/Wabash people. Jan Hoffman”

4/12/01 – News from Lisa: “Starting the spring cleanup in my yard. Getting ready for flowers. Planted some of the early garden stuff. Starting to take the dogs for walks every evening. Trying to get some of this winter weight off all of us. I weigh more now than I ever have. Must be the 40 thing. Still like my job very much. Worked at the Retail Bakers Assoc. Trade show in Indianapolis about a week ago. It was very interesting. So many cakes and other interesting things to try. I am also working a National Restaurant Association trade show in May. It is in Chicago. In May I will be at either Pole Day or Qualification Day entertaining customers in the Arie Luyendyke Suite. It should be fun.> Bryon is back to work, so he is on the road most of the time. He just finished the bridge in Columbus and has been home for a week. Looks like the next bridge he is working on is in Fort Wayne. That will be nice when I go to visit him. I can see my sister at the same time. Bryon’s son is very athletic and plays a lot of different sports. Baseball season is starting and Riverton Park is first in the state! Bryon found some mushrooms yesterday and we had them for breakfast this morning. He also caught several bluegill and bass. I went last weekend and caught a GIANT bluegill. It weighed a pound and was 11 inches long. I was so proud!! That’s about all for now. Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Easter, Lisa”

4/6/01: Helloooooooooo…anybody out there? Would sure like to hear from some of you. Oh, and don’t forget to look at the Nostalgia page once in a while because you might find your own face staring back at you!

3/30/01: Someone new heard from: “Hi Steve – this is Jan Hoffman, retired 1994, but still thinking of all of the Wabash/Weston gang – Dixie gave me your website name and I am delighted to have it – golly, you have done a magnificent job on this one – great work! So good to read about all the guys and gals that have submitted info – appreciate your efforts to keep us all connected. Thanks a heap! Good luck to all….from Jan Hoffman. PS: Steve, just had to say what a good looking grandson you have – he has a lot of charisma in those pics……you have every right to be so proud of him. Congratulations!” (Jan says she’d love to hear from folks – her email address is jhoffman2000@aol.com)

3/18/01: From Gwen Mildazis: “Hi everyone! Great job on the website Steve! I’m still working at ISU. We were all hoping the team would go farther, but they did a great job. I am getting ready to enroll in the summer semester. My classes are DIRT cheap! I might as well take advantage of it. I have been housesitting at my boss’ house since the fist week of Jan. while they went to Italy, France, and Florida. He has a beautiful home, but as they say…there is no place like home. One advantage of it all…I saved a bundle on the heating bill at my house while I was gone! When I get out of the summer classes, I am planning to go to Florida to visit my grandson for a couple weeks. They moved to the Ft. Myers area. Rhonda is doing pretty good. I have talked to her on the computer some. If you want to e-mail her: HomeRT57@aol.com Be sure to bold and enlarge the font to 18 or above so she can read it. She would love to hear from some of her friends. Hope everyone is in good health. Keep in touch. Gwen”

3/17/01: From Brenda: “John ‘retired’ on Feb 28 and was re-hired as a contractor by IP on March 1st. He shipped his last truckload on Thursday, March 8 and we met with the realtor on Friday, March 9. (One week from the one year anniversary of Production being shutdown.) It just happened that his first week of really being “retired” was the same week I was scheduled to spend two days on Pensacola Beach for some training. So he joined me. I took a few days vacation and we enjoyed the warmer weather. I tried to bring that 76 degree weather back with me – I really did! But it’s nice to be home!! Think Spring!!!! — Brenda”

3/12/01: Hey, everybody…don’t forget to check the NOSTALGIA page once in a while!

3/6/01: Got a note from Lisa Lowe, with some pictures of her playing a joke on her boss. Click on the “MISC PICS” link above to see the pictures.

2/28/01: From Dixie: “Steve, I have really enjoyed your web page re – Wabash. You have done a great job! My e-mail address is: dlt812@aol.com – I would appreciate knowing when you update the info if possible. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Dixie Thompson”

2/25/01: From Kathleen Bendel: “Hello everybody! The construction of my dream house has begun! We broke ground on Thursday, February 22nd. The footers were poured on Friday, and the walls should be up this Wednesday or Thursday. Ground level of the walkout basement is just 14 inches above (lake) water level. The view is breathtaking, in my opinion! This has been a long time coming, and I get more and more excited each and every day. Completion is scheduled for July 2nd, but as long as we’re in before the end of July, I’ll be thrilled! Our lease on the apartment runs out at the end of July, and football starts soon after that; so hopefully the timing will work out very well. Kathleen”

2/24/01: From Brenda Raley: “For everyone that has wondered if they would ever “pry” me from the box shop, I guess this answer is for you. My last day was February 16. It was without fanfare and pretty emotional for me – seems I grew up in that place. But it is time to focus on the future. I will use what I learned from our wonderful “Wabash” family to make the IP world I come in contact with, a much better place. I am very proud to say I came from a Wabash/Weston background. For John, our goal is that February 28 will be his last day. I’ll meet with the phone company that morning to shut down the PBX (telephone) system, lock up one more time and give the keys to Pfister Reality. The year has as been emotional and very difficult to say the least and yet I have learned so much. My overall feelings can be conveyed through a line from an old song that says, ‘In a way I’m glad its over, in another way, it turns me inside out’. —–Brenda”

2/11/01: A message from Dixie: “Steve, Jan Shackelford just gave me the info about your website. I look forward to visiting it often. Miss all my Wabash/Weston Friends. Dixie T.”

2/7/01: HEY, everybody! Keep a close eye on the NOSTALGIA page (see link above) because I’ve received a huge supply of old pictures, and you never know when I’ll add more and who will show up! Steve

1/22/01: Just thought I’d drop in a line or two here…I’m always nagging everybody about sending in news, but haven’t really written anything myself for a long time. I really don’t have a lot to report personally – am pretty much staying in out of the weather and playing with the computer. Kathy and I have suspended our traveling for now, but hopefully will be able to take another driving trip this Spring. On other news, I talked to Ken Boehm the other day…I think a lot of you will remember Ken as the Sales Service Manager of the Chicago plant before he took severance and early retirement. He has a place in Florida now that he visits regularly and he’s also working off and on for a friend of his in Chicago. Guess that’s about all the news I have right now, but will again remind everybody to keep those emails coming. Steve

1/17/01: From Michelle Adams: “Hi all, just to let you know, I am back in Kansas City, and enjoying getting back into the pace of working again. Recovery from surgery was a little longer than I had expected (a total of 10 weeks), but I enjoyed being home for the holidays. Kansas City is such a nice place to work, all the people are great, almost as nice as working with you. But, it will have to do. I am feeling so much better now, it’s like my old self, before I started getting sick. Kansas City doesn’t know what’s in store for them, do they? Brenda was here for the first part of the week, and we enjoyed catching up on everything that has been going on. It was really nice. I really enjoy reading this, so Thanks Steve for all of your hard work! Keep in touch, and keep smiling! Michelle Adams”

1/15/01: From Penny Freeze: “Brad and I had a great Christmas and a nice quiet New Years. We are still in the rabbit business and I now have a count of 21 fat cute bunnies. I look forward to selling most of these to this year’s 4-H kids. We also restored a barn on our property and built fence to hold our 2 mules. We spend more time in the barn now than we do in our nice warm house. On the work scene, business is starting to pick up. It is nice to see many of you as we grow our business. Hope everyone has a great year! Penny”

1/12/01: From Beth Hood: “Just wanted to let you know I am working at Green Leaf as Traffic Manager. It is a nice place to work. I’ve been there for about two months now. It’s a lot different than IP. I catch my self looking at their boxes to let Steve Goda know if they are bad or not. I like the job. I hope everyone had a nice holiday, we did , except for mom and dad’s house catching on fire. It is OK now they are back living in it, but it scared us. Mom and dad was in Florida at the time it happened and had to come home early. Miss everyone at IP and hope everyone is doing well. Talk to everyone later. Beth”

12/22/00: A Christmas message from Lisa: “I have a new addition to my family. Another dog. Her name is Lady. She is actually supposed to be a “foster dog” and I am supposed to give her back to Harmony Haven when they open. I have already decided to keep her. She is a big dog with long white fur and we think she has a lot of husky in her. She was an abused dog and apparently it was by a man as she won’t let any get near her except Bryon. He finally won her trust, but it took quite awhile. She beat Suzie up right off the bat, but they just sort of ignore each other now. Hope everyone has a good holiday. Lisa”

12/19/00: From Michel Patterson: “Hi everyone, just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. I also wanted to let you know that I have a new job that I will be starting in January. I will be working for Columbian Home Products in their Shipping Department. I am looking forward to working there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Michel”

12/18/00: Sad news about Harold (Whitey) Vaughn, passed along by several folks.

From Gary Schomer: “As everyone knows Whitey was a very special and loyal person who will be missed. I’m sure that your prayers and support will be appreciated by his wife Waneta “Bobbie”, his daughter Jodie, and the rest of his family.”

Here is the obituary from the Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

Harold Leland Vaughn

Harold Leland Vaughn, 81, of Terre Haute died at 6:10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 16, 2000, in Union Hospital. He was a general superintendent for Wabash Fibre Box Co., retiring in 1982, after 43 1/2 years of service. He was born July 25, 1919, in Terre Haute to Leland Vaughn and Ellen Moore Vaughn. Survivors include his wife of 60 years, Waneta B. Helmick Vaughn, whom he married Oct. 26, 1940; one daughter, Jodi Froeb and her husband, Kurt of Burke, Va.; one granddaughter, Darcy Whitaker and her husband, Tom of Plainfield; two grandsons, Rodney Vaughn Boyd of Fort Stewart, Ga., and Christopher Vaughn Puckett and his wife, Heather of Deland, Fla.; and three great-grandchildren, Taylor Vaughn Whitaker, Gabriel Whitaker and Sydney Jade Puckett. He was preceded in death by one daughter, Nonnie Puckett, in 1986. He was an Army veteran of World War II, serving with the 96th Infantry, a member of Scottish Rite Valley of Terre Haute and a 51-year member of Euclid Lodge 573 Free & Accepted Masons. Services are 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in DeBaun Idaho Street Chapel, with the Rev. William R. Bauer officiating. Burial is in Roselawn Memorial Park. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

12/14/00: Some additional news from Brenda: “Just returned home from Kansas City….yes, Mark and I were there the day they received the 8-12 inches of snow. Pam Winters was asking about several of the Weston folks- wanting to know where they are and what they were doing….Sandy, Ward, Bob Higgins…..we talked for a while so I could give her the updates I had. They are really good people and I think it will be enjoyable working with them. They really know how to make you feel like “one of the family”. Maybe that comes from being one of those “Wabash folks”. Merry Christmas to all. Brenda”

12/13/00: I had a nice long email from Donna Hubbard recently, and she wanted me to pass on to everyone that she hopes all are doing well, and for everyone to have a nice holiday season.

I also want to wish everyone a happy holiday, and at the same time thought we could have a little fun with something new…well, sort of. Click here for a touch of nostalgia. Steve

11/23/00: Some news from Brenda: “Hi. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have accepted an offer from International Paper. As of December 1, I will be a Segment Human Resource Coordinator for the Northern Industrial Packaging Division. (I’m not for sure how that will all fit on my business cards but we’re working on it.) I will support Mark Berry and the other 2 HR Generalist in the Northern Industrial Packaging Division and will be a direct report to Mark’s boss, Mike Filyaw. I’ll be doing some traveling but will be centralized in Terre Haute. We haven’t finalized all the details, but I’ll either have an office at the Mill or at my house. I’m working on the “work at home” idea. I’m excited about it and trusting the Lord to work everything else out. Plant update: for all of you that did roll stock inventory in the winter, I now know how it felt. We are still at the plant that has no boiler. I can tell you the 10 degree weather this week makes the place extremely cold. Our offices are about the only place that has a little heat, except the small space heater I put in the women’s rest room…ha.ha. On a personal note, I became an aunt for the 5th time. My youngest brother and sister-in-law adopted a newborn baby girl. She is precious and I am proud!! – Brenda”

11/12/00: News from Lisa: “I just wanted to let everyone know that Hulman is having a cooking show on Weds. the 15th. I have been in charge of arranging everything and it is fun. I have been getting paid to go shopping. We are having a cook and author do the show. Her name is Leslier Glover Pendleton. We are doing 11 different recipes and there will be great door prizes. The tickets are only $6. (If anyone needs more info, email me.) Hope to see some people there from work. I will be behind stage most of the time though. My 40th birthday is coming up. Too bad everyone at work can’t harass me!! My family has something mean in store for me, I’m sure. Well, hope all is well. Take care. Lisa”

11/7/00: A new voice heard from – Jan Shackelford!: “Hi Steve: Just learned you have set up this web site. I think it’s great. I will enjoy keeping track of everyone since I don’t usually see many of them very often. I do keep in close touch with Dixie, Sharron, Carolyn, and Margaret. After leaving Weston in November, 1998, I worked several temp positions—what an experience! I just completed my first year with Indiana State Teachers Association and I really love it. I am the UniServ Assistant at the Terre Haute office, which includes five school corporations, North and South Vermillion, Clay County, Spencer-Owen, and Vigo County. I am responsible for keeping track of 1,140 teachers in those five corporations. I process all the membership and whatever else teachers need. Each August, I travel to all the corporations and participate in membership training workshops. Also get to travel occasionally and have met lots of interesting people. I am in the office by myself most of the time which is a change from our Corporate office. I do miss seeing everyone every day. Since I’m mostly alone in the office, I am in charge of the thermostat!! I can’t complain of being cold ever again. You are doing a great job—keep it up. Jan Shackelford”

10/30/00: From Michel: “Hi Steve and everyone. I am now employed by Great Dane Trailers in Brazil as their Quality Control Clerk. Monday will start my fourth week. The job is not bad but work is kinda slow right now. I liked my old job better ( I guess that’s not fair since I’ve only been there 4 weeks) and I miss the people from Wabash. My boys have finished up baseball and now we start basketball. We are always on the run. Ryan’s team finished second and John Robert’s team came in fifth. Steve, I enjoy the Website. Gotta go, talk to all of you later. Bye, Michel”

And some news from Brenda: “I love our newsletter and check it when I’m home. I even brag about it to let people know we are ‘keeping in touch’. Here is the latest on me. I am commuting weekly to Ft. Wayne. The HR rep is on a leave of absence and by the amount of issues I am encountering, I have my days wondering what she did when she was there. But we are making progress. It is one of those situations when you go “home” (that is what I call the Comfort Suites now) every night knowing you’ve really accomplished something today and that you’ve made a positive difference for the facility you are working for. It’s a good feeling. I’ve had a lot of questions from folks at Ft. Wayne asking where you all are and what you are doing. The day shift shipping supervisor asked about Steve, Frank and Charlie just this week. But the Customer Service reps names have come up too…so the newsletter helps me keep others informed. John is managing well. Feeding the cats and dogs and even doing some of his own laundry…ha. For those wondering…news from the plant is that N-3 is gone to Mowry for some clean up and minor work – then on to its new home in Geneva, NY. The Butler Splicers and Roll Stands also left – I believe South Carolina. The crane came in Friday to load out the Marquip Slitter Setter…my understanding is it is leaving the country. I haven’t been home long enough to send the paperwork to Jerry. John’s health continues to improve. -Brenda Thanks again Steve. I hope you get some response. I really do enjoy it.”

A report from Harley: “News from the Bennet’s: The month of October has been a little slow for us compared to other months. We did make a trip to Herman, Missouri, where we got to do some of our favorite things like taste wine (several wineries in the area), eat German food (meals and bakeries), antique, enjoy the architecture, and lounge around in a bed & breakfast. We recommend the B&B Herman Hills. Our sour note for the month was our son, Joseph, was involved in an accident, he on a bike and the other person in a car. He ended up with a lot of bumps and bruises, one neck vertebra herniated, he’s in a neck brace for six to eight weeks. He was wearing a helmet, riding gloves, etc. His doctors say he should have an full recovery. We thank our lucky stars. Enjoy the weather and have some fun! Harley”

From Michelle: ” Just to let you know that I am back in Indiana for the next six weeks. Yes, you guessed it! I am having surgery tomorrow at Terre Haute Regional Hospital. Haven’t had much time to let anyone know, so if you will just pass this along, I would appreciate it! Thanks! Michelle Adams”

10/01/00: From Brenda: “Troy Pastorius stopped by the plant Saturday when we were there, asking if we had any metal desks left….(honestly, you don’t think I have gotten rid of all those desks yet…do you??? even at $5.00 apiece), anyway he said his dad started at Summerlot Engineering as their Shipping Manager. I thought that was really great! Brenda”

Here’s some news from Gwen – she had to send it again because it got lost in cyberspace. She also talked to Rhonda recently – she’s doing pretty well, and would like to hear from her old friends. Gwen can give you some details and Rhonda’s home address – email Gwen at Midlazy@aol.com. “I had a wonderful summer…boating with the boss and the parties. I am still working part-time for him. I started last Mon. at ISU in the payroll dept. I can’t believe how nice everyone is there!!!!! I see Kathy Modesitt often…she is doing fine and the kids are growing like weeds. I started the fall semester @ Ivy Tech over the internet. I am working on my accounting degree. Talk about a cat in a litter box! I don’t have much time to do anything! I got my divorce after a year and a half…FINALLY. I talked to Mary Elliott the other day…she quit her job at Bemis. I haven’t heard if she found anything else. For everyone that already got the update…I sent mine in, but Steve didn’t get them for some reason. Nice to hear everyone is doing fine. Oh…if you see my “backside”…tell it to go home…I’ll be there directly! Gwen”

9/30/00: Talked to Beth Hood recently. She has enjoyed having the Summer off but is now actively looking to go back to work. She also had good news concerning her son Joe. He’s now firmly in place at Purdue on a pre-med curriculum and doing just fine – not only with good grades, but also on the social scene by joining a fraternity. At this point, his plans are to go on to chiropractic school (after graduating from Purdue) but by starting as pre-med he can go in a lot of different directions in the medical field. Good luck, Joe!

Received the following from Michelle Adams: “Steve, Just to let you know, that I have went back to the doctor, and unfortunately, I will have to have surgery. I plan on having surgery sometime in November, back in Terre Haute. Kansas City is nice, but is nothing like Terre Haute. Culture Shock! Please pass along that I appreciated all of the cards and the prayers, and that I wish everyone well. Thanks! Michelle Adams”

Also, news from Brenda: “Bill Higgins stopped by the plant last week. He’s doing very well and enjoying his work. I gave him the website address and he plans to sign on to keep track of everyone. The current plan is to have the plant empty and “broom swept” by November 1. That’s a lot of work in 4 weeks time. Stay tuned….. P.S. For those wondering and haven’t called – John is doing very well. He will see his eye doctor (surgeon) in two weeks for a follow up. Brenda”

Word from Jerry Fields in Memphis: “I finally got moved last month and have been traveling quite a bit since I got here. I have been helping close the books in Atlanta the last couple of month-ends. Do y’all remember how much fun we had at month-end???!!!! I still have Terre Haute work to do as long as there are assets to transfer and as long as Brenda and John are still there, (spending money). Just kiddin’ Raley’s!!! I have been going back to TH a lot on weekends to see the boys play football and, of course, my baby girl. I have joined a volunteer group through work and will be serving beer at “The Taste of Midtown” tomorrow. Figured it would be a good way to meet people and maybe get a few free beers out of it !!! Life in Memphis can be fun but it sure ain’t Indiana!!!! Hope everyone is doing okay and keep in touch!!! Jerry”

And finally, last – but definitely not least – a LOT of good news from Harley Bennet:”News from the Bennets: This past June our son Joseph was married in Seattle, Washington. Joseph is a practicing doctor of internal medicine in a Seattle hospital and his wife Holly is an assistant US attorney practicing in Seattle. The wedding was blessed with no rain. The partying that went before and after was filled with great food and great fellowship. The two families blend together nicely. I have been doing some consulting work. My most recent work has been with Dwight McKay. Dwight is the VP of Finance/Controller at Boge North America (Eagle-Pitcher) which is in Paris, Illinois. Our most recent travels took us to Austria, with a side trip into Hungary. Ann and I sing with the ISU Masterworks Choral and 60 members went to Austria for two weeks to take part in a Haydn music festival. We met up with 65 other singer from around the US and 60 instrumental players from around the world. A total of 185 people. We practiced in Eisenstadt, at the Esterhazy Palace. We preformed in several cities through Austria. We had two days for tours, a day in Vienna where we got the grand tour of the city. A group of us stood on the stage of the Vienna Opera House and sang a couple measures from one of our performance songs. Our tour into Hungary took us into two different cities. All in all it was a great experience; the food was great, the beer was the best, and the people welcomed us with open arms. This is an annual festival and we plan to do it again in three years. Retirement is good. I get together with some of the Weston people regularly, once a month some of us guys meet at Ambro’s for lunch. The Christmas get-togethers have always been great. I hope everyone reading this newsletter finds some fun in each day, I do. Harley.”

9/18/00: Brenda passed along Michelle Adams’ new email address. It’s michelleMDMS@aol.com.

Also, some good news from Becky Smith: “I started my new job this Thursday. It’s at a meat processing plant called – get this – International Processing (IP). How funny is that? I will be a dispatcher/customer service rep (ha! We all know how well I get along w/customers.) Mostly it will be dispatching. It’s a small, very informal office (yeah, blue jeans) the guy who will be my boss is younger than me (I think) and seems like a really nice guy! Not as nice as you, of course! The pay and benefits are really great, too. Just wanted to pass along the great news! Becky.”

9/2/00: From Gary Schomer:
Passed along from Steve Messmer: ‘Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciated you spreading the word for me. They did the angioplasty procedure yesterday and installed two stents. Everything seems to have gone very well. Yesterday, after they injected my I V with “happy juice”, became just a blur. I remember being in the cath. room and joking with the nurses that I’d like to have a rum and coke and this guy said “here’s your order” and he put something in my IV—-the next thing I remember was two hours later and all was finished. Drifted in an out of sleep all day and night. They kicked me out this morning. I’ll take it easy for a few days and then try to get back to my routine. Take it easy. Steve’

9/2/00: From Brenda:
“For those wondering, John is doing well. His toe is healed and they stopped the IV antibiotic as well as the oral antibiotic. I took him to Midwest Eye Institute last Tuesday and after an initial diagnosis, they took him directly to surgery (laser) on his left eye. (He was back to work the next day – in fact, he loaded 2 trucks of machinery out on Wednesday.) He’s feeling good and keeping busy. With the way he’s going, he’ll be pretty healthy by the time he retires. IP is still considering the offer made to buy the box plant building. So John is still there….but then there is still work to be done. We’ve shipped 2 machines and the unitizer along with several truck loads of conveyors….the rest of the equipment remains – skidded and ready to go. I’m there on the days I’m not traveling. Kalamazoo, MI this week and possibly back to Wooster, OH next week……I receive my instructions from week to week. Hope everyone is drinking plenty of fluids during this hot spell! Brenda ”

9/1/00: I have a couple of items to report. I recently enjoyed attending my grandson’s very first birthday party! Hard to believe that a year has passed already. If you’re curious about the latest pictures, click here. Also, Kathy and I just got back from our second trip to Canada. This time we went up to Sault Sainte Marie in Northern Ontario and enjoyed a trip on the Algoma Central Railroad to Agawa Canyon. If you want to read about it and see the pictures I took, click here. This will take you to a travelogue I wrote and posted as a link for TRAINWEB, which is a huge site for train buffs…so it might be a little more than you wanted to know! Steve

9/1/00: From Gary Schomer:
“Received from Steve Messmer:
‘Gary, I’m writing this from home and I don’t have access to my address book so I would appreciate you passing it along to the rest of the gang. I had the heart catherization today and it revealed two blockages—both in excess of 90%. I am scheduled to go to St. Vincents tomorrow at 8:00 for angioplasty with stents. There is an increased risk factor in doing an angioplasty in grafted veins, but the alternative is surgery. Hopefully the procedure will be successful and we can avoid the surgery. If everything goes well I’ll be home on Saturday. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Steve’
Let’s all pray for Steve and Linda and for a prompt recovery. I know that they will appreciate it. Gary ”

8/25/00: From Lisa:
“Well, the old Wabash people are invading Hulman! Now Bruce Godfrey works there. I was happy to see him get the job.I am excited about the Formula 1 race that is in September at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I get to work there for 5 days! I will be working with the reporters. I will be on the fourth floor. Great seats, huh? My boyfriend is green with envy. Lisa.”

8/21/00: Word from Yvonne:
“I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I still don’t have my own e-mail address, but hope to be moved into my house in a couple of weeks and will get things setup quick. I’m working for a bank in Anderson as Administrative Assistant/Loan Processor. I think I’m going to really like this position. I’ve added to my family, Deliliah, an Austrialian shepard pup. She is great fun. She has been trying to make friends with Samson (my cat) without to much luck so far. The next time I’ll be in TH will be sometime in Sept. Lanessa is due in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to the grandma bit. That’s all for now. Bye Yvonne ”

8/20/00: Got an email from Lisa, with some good news. She says she was happy to see that Bob Wycoff is now working at Hulman. Nice going, Bob! As for herself, she’s been keeping pretty busy lately. She took a trip to the horse races Saturday and Kathleen and her are going to a Cardinals game Sunday. To top it off, they’ll be enjoying the game from a luxury suite! Must be nice… She’s promised to send along some pictures so if she does I’ll try to post them. She’s also become quite the fisherman…uh..fisherperson, which works out pretty well since her boyfriend likes it too 😉

8/11/00: Some news from Brenda:
“For those keeping score….now there are 2. Jerry’s in Memphis, Michelle’s in KC, and today was Dick’s last day. I’ll start my interim job with IP next week. I’ll be doing EHS Regional support. I’ve dusted off my suitcase and will start at the Wooster plant for 2 days. Have to be back home on Wednesday for the movers to load up office furniture headed for Ft. Wayne and Geneva, NY. The following week I’m scheduled to be in Chicago and Des Plaines. John’s doing better, taking treatments every other day. His antibiotic levels went to a toxic level, so they had to reschedule him to every other day….I’m concerned that the treatment now may take twice as long to complete. But we will wait and see. Thanks everybody for submitting your “news”, It is really fun to read it. Michelle called me Wednesday to say she cried when she opened her mail. All the wonderful cards and even a gift from her mom, and some flowers too really made her day. But Audra REALLY made her day, filling her card with some confetti, and you know Michelle – she yanked the card out of the envelope and confetti went everywhere. She said she laughed so hard. The KC office had a surprise carry-in for her – bringing lots of different chocolate dishes and peach pie too….Jerry was extremely jealous to not be invited to a party like that. So even in the ‘closing’ days, we are still having a little fun. – Brenda ”

8/10/00: Some news from Steve Varga:
“Life here remains pretty darn good. The kids are all well – out of the house. Faye and I are empty nesters. Tara just returned from 2 months in Thailand, and has fallen in love with Asia again (just as she did after 6 months in China). She still hasn’t graduated from GT, but will do so in Dec. (thank God). Justin is @ Middle TN State and finally doing very well. Ben graduated from HS in May, and then moved back to TN the very next day. Faye and I are looking forward to celebrating our 25th ann. next week, and for the most part, I think each of us is very pleased to be with each other. What a fortunate thing! What’s going on with you and Kathy as well as with all of my TH friends? I’ve missed hearing their continuing sagas. Tell everyone that I say hello. Steve”

8/9/00: A brief message from Brenda:
“Several wanted Mary Frey’s Address. It is 2803 Dean Avenue 47803. She said they were looking at some old pictures from our carry-in’s that brought some smiles. She would really enjoy hearing from anyone at Wabash. Brenda”

8/7/00: here’s some news from Kathleen:
“I spoke with Michelle Adams yesterday from KC. She was getting ready to look at some apartments, and then fly back for the weekend. Health wise, she’s doing well. Hopefully, her doctor has found a medication that will do the trick, and she can avoid surgery. Her next appointment is September 13th. Next Wednesday, the 9th, is her birthday. She’s really bummed about being away from her family for the first time. She said that the girls in the office were going to take her out and get her smashed. Maybe that will ease the pain. Once she gets settled in KC, she’ll have internet access. I told her what a fantastic job you’ve done keeping us all in touch with each other through the web site. (Thanks for that, by the way!) Now she’s even more anxious to get set up! Kathleen”

8/2/00: Sad news from The Terre Haute Tribune Star: Bob Frey passed away Tuesday, August 1st, at Union Hospital. Services will be at Roselawn Funeral Home with burial at Roselawn Park. Visitation is 4-8PM Thursday, funeral at 11AM Friday. If anyone lives out of town or otherwise doesn’t have access to a newspaper, the full obituary is now at the newspaper’s Website: Click here

8/1/00: If anyone is interested, here’s a link to the newest box company in Terre Haute.

Also, here’s some news from Penny:
“Hi! This summer sure has passed quickly. Our little farm is expanding from dogs, rabbits, and goats to 2 mules. We take them riding every weekend. It is true what they say “stubborn as a mule!” They are a lot of fun though. I sure can feel for Michel – I am up to 37 rabbits now and am looking for buyers…..I seem to be spending a lot of time at ISU these days trying to finish my master’s thesis. But at least I will graduate in December this year. So everyone knows…My email address has changed. You can reach me now at penny@wabashvalleypkg.com or brad.freeze@gte.com You all have a nice August! Penny”

7/26/00: News from Curt:
“All the changes to the web site look great. It was a lot of fun to look through all of the pictures once again. Some of you were aware that my wife and I had been trying to adopt a 4 year old boy named Cory during this past year. Well, we finally got the job done and Cory Joe Stephens is now the newest member of the Stephens family. That makes five children and I am sure you can imagine what our summer has been like. Hectic!! but we are adjusting well. Take care for now. Curt”


Michelle Adams has accepted a position with the Kansas City IP facility. She will be doing the same job in Kansas City that she did in Terre Haute. That means the plant workforce is now down to four – John, Brenda, Jerry Fields, and Dick Boatman.

Alphis Hill was recently spotted picking up a dumpster at the box plant – he’s a truck driver for Jamax now. Dick Pound is working at Jamax too.

Does anybody have Yvonne’s current email address? She had given me sampson57@netzero.net, but I always get an error message when I use it. (Later note – have been told that she can temporarily be reached at rbmbdm@netzero.net)

7/25/00 – from Kathleen:
“I’m afraid I don’t really have a whole lot to tell. Sean and I are meeting with the designer for the second time tomorrow night. We’re completely redoing our floor plan. I don’t think there will be too much left of the original. We’re trying to get as much done before the football season starts. Kathleen”

7/25/00 – from Brenda, a story about John’s release from the hospital:
“When they gave him his final instructions and pushed a wheel chair into the room, John loaded all his stuff in the wheel chair and then pushed it himself down the hallway. The nurse came up and attempted to correct the situation. (John was supposed to be riding in the wheelchair….but then, you know John.) He gave her the wheel chair, picked up his stuff and off we walked. Oh, did I say, we went back to the plant so he could get a few hours in before he would agree to go home? – Brenda

P.S. I think I also forgot to mention that the car was parked three blocks away….but anyone who has ever tried to get into Union Hospital at noon knows you have to park that far away.”

7/15/00 – from Brenda: “Just a quick update on John. For those who don’t know, he spent 6 days in the hospital with an infection in his great toe that has moved into the bone. He’s home now, returning to the hospital at 7 a.m. each morning for an IV antibiotic treatment that takes 2 hours. The current prescription is to go every day for 6 weeks. All this has been complicated by his diabetic condition, but we feel we are gaining the upper hand on it. This happened just as I was moving to my interim position with IP and that will be working with Region EHS traveling 3 days a week. I’ve put that on hold for a couple of weeks or until I’m comfortable with his recovery. – Brenda”

7/12/00 – Thanks to Lisa Lowe for pointing us to the following news in the TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE-STAR:
“Ace at Geneva Hills — Bill Davis of Rosedale got his second career hole-in-one on Sunday at Geneva Hills, an 8-iron shot on the 115-yard No. 12 hole.”
Nice going, Bill!

7/10/00 – News from Audra and from Kathleen:

“I will start to work on September 1st. The building is starting to move along quickly. My daughter Brittany received MVP of the year for the minor leagues and she made the All-Star team. We start those games this weekend. Softball and trying to get things organized for work seems to be making the summer go really fast. Audra”

“OK! Here goes! Please let me know right away if you have trouble accessing the pictures my brother put on the Internet. Go to http://www.photoloft.com and select Friends and Family. Type “Bendel” in the Keyword field. You’ll also need the password of “7769” in order to view the pictures. The other two people in the photos are my brother, Leo, and his wife. I never tire of talking about the place or our house plans! Let me know what you think! Kathleen”

7/5/00 – If anyone is interested, here are some pictures from our Canadian trip. Steve

7/2/00 – from Michel:
“Hello everyone! I am still enjoying my time off. The boys and I have been so busy I don’t know when I had time to work. Well we finished our regular season of baseball and John Robert got picked for the All Star league. We played 3 days in Plainfield and he loved every minute of it. We won 2 games and lost 2. So now we get ready for the next tournament which is in Brazil. Ryan and Bob went to clean our rabbit cage today and we are the proud owners of 9 baby rabbits. (Penny, it doesn’t look like we got two of the same sex) so if anyone would like a rabbit please call. Bob and I won a trip to Opryland Hotel around Christmas time, so we are looking forward to that. Will go for now hope everyone is doing okay. Michel”

7/1/00: Just thought I’d drop a little of my own news in here…the newsletter is drying up a little – come on, everybody! Anyhow, Kathy and I just got back from another of our driving trips. On this one we drove up into Michigan, then crossed over into Canada at Port Huron. We took several days driving across Ontario and staying in Toronto, then came down and made a stop at Niagara Falls. After that, we crossed back into the USA at Buffalo and drove home through Pennsylvania and Ohio. A nice trip – if any of my pictures turn out, I’ll post them later. Steve

6/19/00 – From Brenda:
“I received a phone call this afternoon from Mary Houk that Max died at noon today. He had won his battle with cancer and was doing really well. A week ago he started having pains in his stomach and after 2 surgeries and being on life support a few days, he died today of a bowel obstruction. It didn’t make for a very good afternoon. – Brenda”

6/19/00: Well, I have a little news. My son and his family were in a wreck Saturday night in Indianapolis. Everybody’s OK but something like that is always worrisome anyhow. They were just sitting at a red light, waiting for it to change, and a van coming from the opposite direction ran the light and was hit broadside by another car. The van was knocked up on two wheels and kept coming, right at them! All they could do was sit and wait for it to hit them – luckily it ended up just banging into their rear and side, rather than head-on. They all had their seatbelts on and little Petey was securely in his car seat, so they came out of it pretty well. Both Petey and Dave were fine, but Carol had a twisted back and neck. Got some precautionary X-rays but appears to be nothing serious. Steve

6/13/00 – email from Gary Schomer:
“Steve, You have done a great job with your newsletter! Bill, our son, had a little girl. Her name is Kathryn René Schomer and everyone is doing fine. Debbie, our daughter, as you know also had a little girl. Her name is Kimberly Grace Collins. Both are a lot of fun and keeping us busy. I continue to be very busy with the volunteer work. –Gary Schomer”

6/8/00: Got a short email from Lisa and she attached a picture of herself at her new job – I’ve included it on her regular picture page. (Click Here) Also heard today from Beth Hood – here’s her news:
“How are you doing? I have been busy with Alicia playing softball, she plays on a regular team and a traveling team, I don’t know if I am coming or going sometimes. Joe, my baby is all grown up he graduated June 4th , we go to Purdue the 12th, 13th and 14th of this month for on campus day and for him to take two days of testing. depending on how he does on the test he could test out of some classes. Shania, well she is Shania, mean as ever. For myself I had the Radial Karatomony done , I am seeing just fine, it is great not to wear glasses or contacts. I have been taking classes at Ivy Tech, they are going fine will be done July 7th. Then my family and I are going to Florida agin in July for 2 weeks can’t wait. Kevin is doing fine he loves his job at Ampacet. As you can see I haven’t had time to rest and really enjoy my time off, in Florida will be my time to rest and enjoy. Relaxing on the beach!!!!! Gotta go for now it is getting late.. Beth”

6/7/00: Received a brief email from Lyle Davis. He wanted to say hello and he also asked me to pass along his email address. He says he’d like to hear from everyone and promised to respond to trivia or jokes. –Steve Here it is: dog1458@cs.com

6/6/00 – From Brenda:
“I don’t write much because I figure no one really wants to know, but I’ve received several inquires as to where we stand at the plant. The riggers started skidding up the last machine (N-3) today. That means the corrugator, conveyors, and all other machinery is skidded and sitting somewhere. I was in Chicago 2 weeks ago. The installation of the Mini had just started and SG-2 was bolted to the floor. The Unitizer was sitting out back. A lot of the conveyors went to Wooster. The riggers have also started on the removal of the cyclone so if you’re up our way, take a look (just be careful driving around the plant – they sort of roll that stuff off the roof….so beware of falling cyclone pieces). I’m waiting for the day they take the starch silo through the roof….come by, Jerry and I will probably be outside watching! There are approximately 20 rolls in the Cesco warehouse, a far cry from the 1800 and some we had in there when we closed. Oh yes, Customers still continue to call. Today’s calls included Alphen, who was looking for their cutting die and following up on a letter they received about some boxes we had in the warehouse – so sorry – all was scrapped, including the cutting die; and C&D with a “2nd Request” wondering why Michel had not responded with that quote, Terry Quinn was really shocked when I called to explain we were closed, her response was, “What now?” Needless to say our days are not boring!!! A little quiet, but not boring. We’ve began “cleaning” out every corner, consider that task for a plant that has been in operation since 1924. I can’t believe the old chemicals and junk we are coming up with. Just use your imagination, you’ll understand without me going into too much detail. Have a super, yet safe, summer!! Brenda”

6/6/00 – From Yvonne (via Brenda):
“Please pass this along to Steve Albin. I don’t have my computer set up and am using my parents for now. We got moved Memorial Weekend and I started working Monday, 6/5, as a loan processer thru a temporary agency. The position is to become permanent if all works out. The pay and benefits are what I wanted and it’s only 15 minutes from home. Hope everything is well with everyone. Bye for now. Yvonne”

6/3/00: A little message from Lisa:
“Thought everyone might be interested to know I played golf with Terry Blevins today from Hendricks Box. We had been talking about it for a long time and he drove over today. Played 18 holes at the Elks and he beat me soundly. I e-mailed him our website so he could see everyone since he never got to take a tour. Even drove him by our old plant. It was sad to see the “For Sale” sign in the window. 😦 Lisa”

6/2/00: Just a brief report…was at the hospital a while back (not for myself – I’m doing fine) and happened to run into Gary Schomer in the cafeteria. He was holding one grandchild and was awaiting the birth of his second! He seemed pretty happy with his retirement…is still keeping busy doing a lot of volunteer work. I guess by now he has two grandchildren to enjoy, so he’s one ahead of me. (By the way, if anyone wants to check out the latest pictures of my little guy, see below for the link.) –Steve

5/26/00: From Penny –
“Steve, Lisa and Audra are right. This website has been a real joy. Everytime I open my email I check it out! Well, my vacation is about over. I start work for Ward next Thursday. I am not sure what I will be doing since we don’t start manufacturing ’til around October, but whatever it is I am ready. I need to talk to people instead of my dogs, the conversation is kind of one-sided. I have started summer school and luckily it doesn’t seem too hard or time consuming. A false sense of security I’m sure. My major project theses must be turned in December 15. I am just starting on it, would you believe I am getting a late start?! Lisa, Harmony Haven sounds great. Good luck with the volunteering. Well, I think I will be lazy today and read a book. Again, Steve, this is really great! Thanks! Penny”

5/25/00: Just a note – was in the plant today and ran into Eric Chilton, who asked to be added to the mailing list for this Webpage. If anyone else knows someone who’d like to be added, don’t hesitate to let me know their email address. Currently it goes out to over two dozen people, and it’s very easy to add names to the group. –Steve (P.S. have added a few pictures to the Ozarks link I provided earlier.)

5/24/00 News from Yvonne:
“Hello everyone. Moving day is almost here!! This is just a quick note to let everyone know my new e-mail address. It is: samson57@netzero.net (Samson for my cat) I’ve enjoyed my time off with shopping, packing, sleeping in, reading, some more packing and traveling. I spent a week with my sister in Oklahoma City and overnite in Indianapolis. Downtown Indy is looking really spiffy. We went to an Indians’ baseball game, the “Canal Walk”, and the Gardens by the zoo. There is a lot more we wanted to see but didn’t have the time. Yvonne”

5/22/00 News from Lisa:
“I too appreciate the time you put into our IP news. Keep up the good work! Here is some news from me: I have started volunteering for Harmony Haven. Right now I am going around to businesses and trying to get them to sponsor our “Bark in the Park 2000″. It sure isn’t easy getting money out of people. Mary Hulman just donated $50,000 and the work is really coming along on the building. It sits on over 100 acres just off highway 63. Initailly it will house 35 dogs and 35 cats. They will have their own rooms and enclosed runs and will live there forever or until adopted. (No kill shelter) If anyone else is interested in volunteering or becoming a member – they can get in touch with me. Otherwise, just doing the same old stuff. Working in the yard and occasionally golfing. Lisa”

5/22/00 News from Audra:
“Steve, I want you to know I for one really appreciate all the time you are dedicating to keep everyone in touch. I enjoy hearing how everyone is doing even though I don’t e-mail them all the time. I just wanted to let you know that our trip to Florida was wonderful. One evening while we were on the beach the dolphins were up in the swimming area. That was really something to see. On my last day of vacation in I went into the office to clean out my desk and help Beth and Michelle finish some stuff up. I have been busy running Brittany to ball practice and ball games. At her first game and first bat up she hit a home run. She also got to pitch in that game and only had one run score due to a walk. I am planning to go to work for Ward once they start on the building, hopefully around October. I am looking forward to that. He has been keeping us informed on the progress of everything which is a big change but one I appreciate. Well, I better get back to cleaning. Thanks again. Audra”

5/13/00: News from Kathleen Bendel:
“Okay, it’s my turn! Sean and I finally found our little piece of heaven in Brazil! Although we don’t close until June 30th, we are enjoying our 3.1242 acre of lakefront property nearly every day. Last night we tooled around the two larger lakes in our new raft and had a nice little fire. We won’t break ground until next February or March though. If we built now, we’d be moving right in the middle of football season when Sean’s home about 20% of the time (sleeping). This way we have more time to SAVE MONEY and pick out all of the things that go into a new house. My job is going well, there’s just so much to learn! I have a 4.0 on my three tests so far, so I guess I’m expanding my knowledge of the securities industry. My boss is easy to work for and equally intelligent and patient. WARNING: SALES PITCH AHEAD! Certificate of deposit rates have not been this high since 1995! Investing is a really exciting business, several clients made a lot of money a couple of weeks ago through an AT&T Wireless IPO. If you’re looking for a local person to manage your severance or 401(k), let me know. I talked to Lyle on Thursday, he’s really enjoying himself! He and his neighbor caught 120 fish in one day last week! His son and wife are both working full-time now. Coincidence?! Have a great summer everyone!…Kathleen”

5/13/00: Guess it’s time for the editor to add a little of his own stuff. Kathy and I returned last week from out little trip to the Ozarks. Had a pretty good time – it’s a beautiful area – although our trip was not without adventures. Probably the most interesting concerned the car’s air conditioning system…it seems that the drain got clogged and allowed all the moisture that the system generated to be funnelled under the dash and directly into the floor on the passenger side. You would not believe how much water an air conditioner can put out – we soaked up 10 rolls of paper towels and Kathy still had to sit with her feet up! (You’ll note that I didn’t volunteer to sit on that side.) Anyhow, here are some scenes of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where we were staying. CLICK HERE (Note to Jerry – the Blue Heron restaurant that you said to watch for has apparently gone out of business.) Keep in touch, everyone! –Steve

5/11/00: More news from Frank Hires:
“Hey, Some of you may remember the car that I bought Laura about a year ago. Well she wrecked it saturday night up north where old 41 and new 41 meet. a lady pulled out in front of her and laura couldn’t help hitting her and she then lost control and crossed the center line and a van hit her then she was spun around and smashed into the gully at the side of the road. Laura has a slight tear in her right shoulder, a tooth busted out, a hole in her lip where she bit through it, a slight concusion and several bruises (her prom is this saturday). Not bad if you can see the destroyed car. Hard to believe that she didn’t die in the wreck. The real sad thing is the last we heard the guy in the van is paralized. The lady that caused it walked away with a sprained ankle. As far a my new job at Ivy Hill goes it seems like a god place to work. So far I know that Jerry Otte, Ron Miller, Bill Schoffstall, Don Payne, Don Shields, Virgil Morris, Lee Poore, and Jim Phillips are here. Rusty Miller was here for a day and quit. Go figure. Hope all is well with everyone. Frank”
(Click for pictures of Laura and the car)

5/5/00: News from Frank Hires:
“Started my first day Tuesday as Ivy Hill’s new Shipping Manager. Same basic job as I had at Wabash but with different terminology, reports and computer systems. It will take time to adjust but they say I have a couple months to get used to everything before the Christmas push starts in. They told me the plant was air conditioned and I told them that all I would be willing to pay them is $500.00 a week for the job. I have seen about 6 old Wabash employee’s here and I hear there are more on the third shift. I’ll let you know who they all are as soon as I know who all are here. Frank.”

4/28/00: News from Brenda Raley:
“Let’s see, I taught my 3rd session (of 5) with JA – that means I am teaching 5th graders at Deming school here on the corner of 8th and 19th and haven’t strangled one yet. The first session though was very tempting. I’m teaching them about business – right up my alley – not how to close one! 🙂 ha….. Pfister put a sign on the building if you know anyone interested in a good used box plant. The janitor quit so we are doing everything from handling customers (yes, some are still calling for Audra, Beth, Michel, Lisa – they still haven’t got the idea) to empting our own trash! It is the humor of our day – cleaning the coffee pots – emptying the trash!! ha….” Brenda.

4/28/00: Report from Penny Freeze:
“Hello! Brad and I returned last weekend from Las Vegas! It was really neat. We did more than gamble too! We went to the Indy Car Race at the Las Vegas race track. There is an air force base next door and the fighter jets flew over the race track the whole day. It was pretty spectacular. We did win enough at gambling to pay for our trip and then some. We did not make it rich, but we had fun. We are planning on going back next year already. For those that came to our party, you may not believe the size of our rotty, DOZER, he is up to 70 lbs now and still growing! I get my exercise walking him on a leash. I am also the proud owner of 16 more baby rabbits, so if anyone else wants one just drop me a note. Michel said hers are doing great in their new home.We’ll gotta go to my final class at ISU today for this semester….Penny”

4/26/00: Lisa is turning into our best news source – here’s some items she’s passed along. (By the way, everybody else can still send me things too…hint, hint.) Anyhow, here’s the news: Troy Pastorius is now working at Ampacet; and Lisa ran into Mary Elliott at Ivy Tech and found out that she (Mary) has landed a job at Bemis.

4/25/00: An Easter picture from Lisa. (CLICK )

4/19/00: A story from Gwen Mildazis:
“I neglected to tell everybody about the big hunt I had while my grandson was here. We took the dog (Vic’s…my boss) out for a potty break and he ran off. My grandson chased after him to get him to come back home. They had done this before and took their sweet time coming back. You know how kids and dogs are! Anyway…I gave them 10 min. and went back out to check on them. They were nowhere to be found. I jumped in the truck and looked all over the neighborhood (Shrine Hill) and the next subdivision. No grandson. No dog. I had no choice but to call 911. It was going to get dark soon. The deputies got railroaded (imagine that!) and when they finally got there, I gave them a pic and sent them in the right direction. (They called the copters out too.) They found him about 20 min. later without the dog (who cares at this point). The deputies had a real challenge trying to talk him into getting in the squad car. Joe knows not to get in a stranger’s car! He had travelled quite a distance, but was ok. I had to stop on the way home to get a bottle of Clairol! The dog ended up at the pound a few days later…sick with the flu. He gets to come home from the vet today, and I still have a job!”

4/19/00: News from Yvonne Vandermark. “I’ve enjoyed my time off (all of two days) by shopping, doing craft things for my son’s wedding, and packing. Last Thursday, 4/13, my son, Ryan, had two MRI’s and we got the results back today. They were (Thank Goodness) negative. My daughter, Lanessa, had an ultrasound last Monday, 4/10, and we have a healthy 17 week old girl due September 20. That’s all for now. Bye Yvonne”

4/15/00: Brenda Raley wanted to pass on the news that Friday (4/14) was the last day for Curt Stephens, Rick Houser, Frank Hires, Beth Hood, Audra Buchanan, and Yvonne Vandermark, which pretty much gets the plant down to a maintenance level. Good luck, everybody!

4/14/00: Heard from Curt Stephens today and he wanted me to pass along his correct Email address to everybody. (The address on our original list was incorrect.) The right one is: curtis.stephens@gte.net

4/14/00: Good news from Lisa Lowe – she will be starting a new job Monday, working for one of her old customers, Hulman and Company. Lisa is going to be the Administrative Assistant to the General Manager, and will be doing a lot of the same things she did at Wabash/IP, plus some new things too. Nice going, Lisa! She also wanted to pass on to her golfing buddies that she finally broke 100, and by a pretty big margin – she shot a 94 while playing with Ruth Itamura.

4/10/00: Received the following from Penny Freeze
“This is just so cool!! Steve, I am so impressed! Well, I haven’t been too busy. Just roaming around the yard trying to clean up and do a little landscaping. I seem to not be able to stay away from the old box plant. I have stopped in and Audra and Michelle seem to be working quite hard…I think it is great that Lisa and some others are going back to school. I have just finished my final layout for my Master’s. I have 2 classes this summer, 1 this fall and my Thesis, which I have already started. I will either graduate in December this year or May next. Don’t laugh, I might actually start on my doctorate’s after that! I am not quite sure why, it just seems the thing to do. Brad and I will begin packing this week so we can go spend all my severence in Las Vegas next week. It should be fun, I’ll attach some pictures next time!”

4/9/00: Received this from Gwen Mildazis
“Well…it seems that I am so busy with my part-time job, that it is really a full-time job for right now. The day after my last day at the box plant, I went to Indy and picked up my 5 yr. old grandson. I kept him for 2 weeks. We had a lot of fun…but I sure am worn out. It seems I forgot what having a little one around was like! My boss allowed me to take him to work with me, so he had fun licking envelopes and putting stamps on them. He was a big help. I haven’t seriously been looking for work yet. I have had a couple calls about jobs, but I decided that I would kinda like to hold off on finding a job for now. I think after living here for a year that I should at least think about unpacking…don’t you? Good luck to everybody and keep in touch.”

4/7/00: Received the following from Brenda Raley
“Mary told me today as we finished up the paper work, she plans to be a ‘bum’ for a while, maybe take a few trips – then jump in the job market. Today was Mary’s last day. Also, some knew that John was having a problem with one of his feet/leg – he seems to be better. Maybe it’s that new lawn mower he bought himself. He’s planning on cutting the grass faster so he can have more time to enjoy his retirement. Problem is – he hasn’t retired yet. He also hit a big deer this a.m. Truck and driver are fine. Good thing he wasn’t driving my car….ha.”

4/7/00: Enjoyed hearing from Jerry Fields today. He wished us a good trip to the Ozarks and was able to furnish the name of a good restaurant in the area – it’s called “The Blue Heron” but he wasn’t sure of its location. Guess I’ll have to ring it up on radar.

4/7/00: News continues to roll in. Lisa Lowe reports that she’s now attending Ivy Tech, and also says that she’s running into some other TH Box folks down there. Good luck to everybody – hopefully you haven’t all been out of school so long that you’ve forgotten how to do your homework! PART II – More from Lisa. Has been using her time off to work on her house, also doing some power shopping. Has a couple of really good job prospects, more later on that…

4/6/00: Heard from Michel Patterson today. She’s enjoying her time off and is especially busy this week since the boys are on Spring break. She says baseball is starting too, so she’s probably going to be spending a lot of time cheering them on. Good luck, guys!

4/5/00: I got some good news today – it looks like they won’t have to tinker with my ticker after all…or at least not any time soon. Over the past few months I had worked my way through various tests and procedures, and had pretty much gotten used to the idea of having to undergo bypass surgery soon. However, the latest is that they feel that I don’t need to have surgery right now, and might even be able to avoid it altogether. Whew! Now Kathy and I can get on with some of our other plans, which include taking a little vacation trip – later this month we’re going to travel down through the Ozarks, but more later on that…

  1. Karen Grimm says:

    I did a google search for Ward Hubbard of Terra Haute, IN and got a hit on your page. I’m actually looking for information about Ward J. Hubbard who was the son of Walter W and Rita A (Johnson) Hubbard. He was born in 1908 or 1909 in Rushville, IN. My mother-in-law was a Johnson and related to Rita A Johnson Hubbard. I do genealogy and have info to share.

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