12/14/03: Those of you who regularly visit this website know that we have been periodically updating the NEWSLETTER page, adding a new issue about once a week. Today we added the December 1993 issue, which is exactly 10 years old, and that reminds us that it is the holiday season. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Remember that if any of you would like to send your own wishes, all you have to do is click on FORUM above.)

12/08/03: Another new toy on the website! Click on FORUM above and see what you think.

12/06/03: Here’s something new! Click on the HISTORY link above. It will lead you to some historical info, some curiosities, and it also includes our mission statement.

12/04/03: Got an email recently from Ken Boehm, who passed along a tip that might be of interest to retirees. It looks like there’s a big tax break available to some retirees. I’m not sure if we qualify but I thought I’d post the link here and maybe someone can figure it out for all of us. Click here to go to a section of the IRS website that explains it. If anyone finds out something definite, let us know and we’ll post it.

One more tidbit to pass along today – saw a story in a local periodical that mentioned the fact that Weyerhaeuser Paper has opened an office in Terre Haute, in the former Social Security location (which is a pretty large building). Wonder what that’s all about? Anyone have any comments?

12/03/03: Just wanted to pass along a reminder about the CONTACTS page. It’s a great way to see and be seen, but we need more folks to participate in it, and we need for those who are partially represented on the page to complete their info. Come on, everybody!

11/10/03: Ran into Dick Vining today at Honey Creek Mall. Good to see him again, and I passed along some info about the website. (That reminds me – all of you who visit this site, pleeeze pass along the website link to anyone you know who might be interested. Or have them email me…that works too!)

11/05/03: Be sure to check the NOSTALGIA page…there are a couple of new pictures – one features someone new and the other shows someone who is hard to recognize!

10/30/03: Just wanted to welcome another old friend to the CONTACTS page. (Take a look!) Also wanted to remind everyone that if you want to add a picture to your listing you can either email it to me, or mail it the old-fashioned way…I’ll scan it and send it back to you.

10/26/03: WOW! Updates to both the NEWSLETTER page and the NOSTALGIA page. Check ’em out!

10/24/03: Now it’s even easier to be added to the new CONTACTS page. Just click HERE.

10/23/03: From Brenda Raley: “I’m on my way to the library. John has been looking for his grandmother’s grave. We found his grandfather’s, but the headstone next to him that says “wife” is, from what we have learned, NOT his wife or John’s grandmother, so I’m doing some research to find her grave and find out who this other women was. Something to keep me busy. Took Grandpa for his flu shot on Tuesday and helped John yesterday by picking up nails from the old barn he is tearing down. I’ll probably be working helping him this afternoon too. That’s gets me out of house and I get to enjoy this beautiful fall weather. We are looking forward to our new barn but tearing this one down is really a chore. Grandpa built the thing to last. Grandpa comes down in the afternoon on his bike to check the progress. –Brenda”

10/21/03: Got an email from Don Powell, and he suggested something that sounds like a great idea to me – a “contacts” page. It will be strictly voluntary and open to all current or former co-workers, friends, etc. It will consist of a page that will list names, email addresses, a brief bio, current info, or whatever the person would like to share. In fact, it could even include current pictures of the person or their family. I’m going to start working on the page right now so come on folks, send in some info for it! (Remember, it’s completely voluntary.) If you’re curious, click on the link to see how it’s shaping up so far – but remember it’s still a work in progress.

10/14/03: From Brenda Raley: “Got home from Florida Sunday evening. We enjoyed our trip. Spent a day at Discovery Cove (where my nephew swam with the dolphins) and I learned to snorkel, then a day at Sea World. The rest of the time we were on Daytona Shores swimming, basking in the sunshine, and even a little fishing off the pier a mile’s walk from the place we were staying. I went with my sister, bro-in-law and nephew. John stayed home and held down the farm. I’ll e-mail you a couple of pictures. (Click on CURRENT PICS button.) Discovery Cove is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys snorkeling, swimming and exploring. One picture is of Jacob (my nephew) and me and the other one is of me at Sea World. –Brenda”

10/12/03: Just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ve hopefully improved the OTHER LOCATIONS page. Take a look (button) and tell me what you think. Now all I need to do is get some input from some of you folks. Remember, it’s not just for news and pictures from other locations…it’s also for anything about other locations.

10/07/03: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star:
Frank “Pat” Shepherd, 79, of Terre Haute, died at 8:20 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 5, 2003, in Union Hospital. He retired from Wabash Fibre Box Co. after 44 years. He was born Oct. 18, 1923, in Terre Haute to Pearl Shepherd and Laura Boltz Shepherd. Survivors include his wife of 54 years, Alberta Mathes Shepherd, whom he married March 28, 1949; one daughter, Patricia Sue Staggs and husband, Darrell, of Indianapolis; three grandsons, Patrick Staggs and wife, Shannon, of Chicago, Adam Staggs and Griffin Staggs, both of Indianapolis; one brother, Howard R. Shepherd and wife, Betty, of Terre Haute; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents; three brothers and their wives, and aunts and uncles. He was a veteran of the Korean War and a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and St. Mark United Church of Christ. Services are 10 a.m. Wednesday in Thomas Funeral Home with the Rev. Jimmy Watson officiating and military honors by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 972. Burial is in Roselawn Memorial Park. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. today in the funeral home.

9/29/03: Comments from Brenda Raley, in reference to the website and the new “Other Locations” page: “Looks good. I forwarded the address to Yvonne at Fort Wayne and mentioned if she had any old pictures or “news”, you would love to receive it. Nice to hear from Ken Boehm. Hopefully, other Wabash folks will send in some info too. –Brenda”

9/28/03: I’m trying something a little new…and I want to give credit to Ken Boehm for planting the seed for the idea. In a recent letter, he mentioned that he was going to try to get some of his former co-workers at the Chicago plant interested in our website, and it got me to thinking. (Always dangerous, but…) I decided to add a page for News & Nostalgia from locations other than Terre Haute. You can look at it by clicking HERE or by clicking the button above. Now, all we need is some additional stuff to post on the new page, so come on folks – send it in!

9/24/03: A follow-up from Ken Boehm: “The retirement party for John Bonderski went very well. He was surprised and all the old Wabash people showed up – it was a nice reunion and fun time for all. There were very few I.P. personnel present. John is not sure what he is going to do with himself. His wife passed away not too long ago, so he said he was hoping to travel a little and do a whole lot of nothing. I told him to keep in touch. Most all the rest of the crew looked pretty good and all were doing fine with retirement. I am trying to get them involved with your web site, only time will tell if they do. Anyway, it’s a cool day in in Chicago and I am sure it’s going to get cooler as time goes on, But then fall and winter are just around the corner. One weatherman said we could maybe see snow in two weeks. I think he’s smoking something. Or at least I hope he’s wrong, they usually are. Have a good day and I will talk to you soon. –Ken”

9/22/03: From Harley Bennet: “Ann & I made our trip to Seattle the second week in September; we got to hold that newest Bennet baby a lot. Olivia was 6 months old when we were in Seattle. Also while we were there Joseph and I built a deck, two days of Seattle mist/rain slowed us down but we didn’t stop working, we just got wet. I haven’t seen much of the Weston people this summer. I did have lunch with Don Powell last month. He’s looking for a job, seem like Columbia House is going into Hard Core Porno and Don wouldn’t have any part of it so he resigned. Good for him! We still have people of principle. Keep warm this fall and have fun! Harley.”

9/18/03: Excerpts from an email from Ken Boehm: “Had a little time this morning and I was looking at all the changes you made and additions to the web page, And all I can say is it looks great. I am very impressed at all you can do. The Nostalgia pictures are great even if I don’t know a lot of the people – they are nice to see. Also, I will look and see if I have the (missing) July 98 newsletter issue, as I enjoyed them so much I tried to keep most of them. I will let you know. They are having a retirement party for John Bonderski…he was are corrugator scheduler back in the good old days. It’s a surprise for him – I am told that most of all the old friends who have retired will be there. It’s tonight so it will be nice to see some of the old faces I used to work with. –Ken.”

9/17/03: Frank Hires has enlisted in a worthy cause:

“Everyone knows someone affected by heart disease or stroke. For those I love, I will be walking in this year’s American Heart Walk. I have set a personal goal to raise funds for the American Heart Association and need your help to reach my donation goal. We are raising critical dollars for heart disease and stroke research and education.

You can help me reach my goal by making a donation online. Click on the link below and you will be taken to my personal donation page where you can make a secure online credit card donation.

Your donation will help fight our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers—heart disease and stroke. You are making a difference. Thank you for your support.

CLICK HERE to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support AHA – Terre Haute IN. –Frank Hires”

9/16/03: I’d like to thank everyone for participating in my survey. The results helped me to know that: (1) Everybody thinks the website should be continued. (2) Only one person voted that I have too much time on my hands…guess I have the rest of you fooled.

9/5/03: Excerpts from an email from Brenda Raley: “I’m glad the hot weather has passed. I’m getting tired of hanging out in the house, but it’s just been too hot to get outside and do much. We received 10.3″ of rain, so it’s still a bit wet, but hopefully I can do something outside, just for the sake of the fresh air. Jack Dreher was on Channel 10 again last night. He called yesterday and is coming down today to visit. John and I ran into Tom Reed at K-Mart last week. He comes up to visit his kids and grandchildren during the summer as they (Tom & Helen) now make their home in Ft. Myers, Florida. I ran into Jan Shackleford…she was telling me that Jan Hoffman was involved in a serious accident at home (on their farm?) when she was thrown under a truck. Jan said she was in Meadows Manor North to recoup. I sent her a card…she has been so kind to send Grandpa cards during his illness and for his birthday. I also saw Gary Schomer that same evening in Olive Garden. He really didn’t say much, just asked how we were and that they were doing well. I spoke to his mother who they were celebrating her birthday. His daughter Debbie was with them with her 2 kids. John has been getting the groundwork done as the Amish are going to build us a 64×40 barn. Right now we are on their schedule for November but we are hoping they get here sooner. –Brenda”

9/03/03: Here’s your chance to have a voice on the future of the website. Just vote on the form above. It’s quick and easy. Also take a look at the Nostalgia page – new pictures, thanks to Brenda Raley!

8/31/03: Be sure to keep checking the Newsletter page (button) because it keeps changing, and you never know…you might see yourself or a friend mentioned, or even pictured.

8/8/03: Some excerpts from a recent email from Ken Boehm: “My wife and I have been under the weather all last week. We went on a weekend trip to get away for our anniversary and came home with food poisoning – how about that for a fun-packed weekend? It took all week to get over it. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Anyway we are glad it’s over and we are starting to feel better. We are going to Ossian (Ind) this weekend to Connie’s granddaughter’s birthday, and coming home Sunday to go my granddaughter’s, as she is being Baptized on Sunday and they are going to have a luncheon and family gathering. So we have a busy weekend ahead of us. –Ken”

8/7/03: Had a nice email from Brenda Raley – here are some excerpts: “I love the new look of the box news. You do such a wonderful job. I have found some old pictures of one of the girls’ Christmas dinners. I’ll either mail them or have John scan them and send them to you. Garden is doing well. We are about zuccini’ed out. I made three trips to the house tonight with tomatoes and John brought in our first couple of ears of sweet corn. I hope we get it before the raccoons do. They pretty much ate all of it a couple of years ago. We plant it around our field which is full of field corn. I have cabbage that has to weigh in at close to 10 lbs per head. I can’t believe how well they did. Especially with the lack of rain in July – but it all looks good. Thank the Lord. I froze one head of cabbage – blanched it. It made 9 bags so that will make good veggie soup this winter. Grandpa is doing well. It will be one year on the 15th that Grandma died so Lord providing he makes it – he will beat the statistics. His garden is doing well also. I think it helps keep him going. –Brenda”

8/3/03: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

James W. Jackson CORY — James W. Jackson, of Waynesboro, Ga., and formerly of Cory, died Thursday, July 31, 2003, in Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga. Survivors include his wife, Mary Parr Jackson of Waynesboro; two daughters, Lorretta Lynn Stembridge of Waynesboro and Bridgette Renee Manca of West Caldwell, N.J.; one son, Michael Joseph Manca Jr., of Idaho; three sisters, Norma J. Rector, Doris Mondey and Della Chritchfield, all of Indiana; brother, Jesse A. Jackson, of Indiana; and eight grandchildren. He was a retired machinist for International Paper Co. and a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Memorial services are 11 a.m. Friday in First Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro with the Rev. Robert L. Smith officiating.

8/1/03: Welcome to the new look website. It hasn’t been really changed for all the time it’s been around (over 3 years) so I thought I’d just tinker with it a little. Comments are welcome…and keep watching because I just might keep tinkering.

7/31/03: Be sure to check the other sites once in a while. (Buttons.) For example, I try to post another edition of the old newsletters at least once every few days. Be sure to take a look…you might see yourself!

7/15/03: From Jerry Fields: “Greetings from Shelbyville IL. Brenda reminded me today that I have not sent in pictures of Matt’s prom. (Click on “Current Pics”.) Matt’s girlfriend was crowned Queen and Matt was King at North’s Senior Prom this May. Ashley’s Dad (Tom McCallister) works at the Terre Haute Mill. For those who may remember Emili visiting the office, thats her in front. Matt will be attending Rose-Hulman in the fall majoring in Chemical Engineering. Andrew will be a junior at Terre Haute North and loves playing football. Emili is my little dancer and will be attending middle school this fall (Woodrow Wilson). They do grow fast!!! I still enjoy working for IP and learning the Foodservice business in Shelbyville. I do get to Terre Haute quite often especially during football season. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. –Jerry”

7/10/03: News from Harley Bennet: “Ran into Gordon Itamura at JC Penny store in Terre Haute. He doesn’t look any different than when Weston/Wabash was up and running. Had lunch with Steve Messmer and Gary Schomer a couple weeks ago, Steve is getting ready to retire from St. Mary’s of the Woods . . . he’s working on an exit strategy. April 8th Ann and I did get to Seattle, Wash. to see the newest Bennet. Olivia is doing great and we had a wonderful time. Since than we have received a phone call from her and an email voice message. We’re planning to go out to Seattle in September, being long distant grandparents is for the birds, we have been spoiled having our other grandchildren within 35 miles of us for the last 23 years. Yes our Eric is 23 years old . . . time flies. In May, Ann and I drove out to New London, Conn. for our nephew’s graduation from the Coast Guard Academy. President Bush gave the commencement address and handed out the commissions to each new officer. We stayed in Mystic, close to New London. While in Mystic we did all the touristy things. On our way out we stopped in New Castle, Penn., visted with our oldest daughter’s inlaws; beautiful country in northern Penn. Hope you all have a great summer . . . and have some fun! –Harley.”

From Brenda Raley: “Greetings to everyone! As promised, I am sending Steve some photographs from our vacation. (Click on Current Pics.) We spent time at the Gettysburg Battlefield; took a bus to Washington, DC for a guided tour (the ONLY way to see Washington is by Guided Bus tour – ours was wonderful!!); Hershey, PA (the Hershey Choc. factory); we took a relaxing drive through Amish country around Lancaster, PA; Valley Forge Encampment; then stopped at the Cleveland Zoo and Wright Patterson Museum on the way home. If you have never visited Washington, DC, I would highly recommend it. The changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington as well as the Lincoln & Washington Monuments and Korean & Vietnam Memorials can only be experienced. Hope everyone else is enjoying their summers!
– John & Brenda Raley”

More News: Jack Dreher was featured on local WTHI-TV news Wednesday and is also quoted on their website. Unfortunately though, it’s because of extensive flooding of the Wabash River near Jack’s home. Here’s the quote from the website:

For residents like Jack Dreher who live by the river, he knows what’s to come.

“It’s still raising a lot. People don’t think so, but you just give an inch every hour and there’s 24 hours in a day, that’s two feet.”

For the people living on the river, flooding is just a part of life they’ll have to deal with.

6/29/03: Today’s Terre Haute Tribune-Star has a nice article about Landis Fairrow and his restaurant, Homey’s Que and Grill. Turns out that it’s a frequent destination for Indianapolis Colts players while they’re in the city for their summer training camp. Recently Peyton Manning and Marcus Pollard were enjoying some of his great food. Nice going, Landis!

6/25/03: I’m sorry to report that Charlie Martin’s Riverton Parke baseball team fell short in the state championships in Indianapolis. However, congratulations on another fine season!

6/18/03: I’m sure you all remember Charlie Martin from his many years in the box plant office, but did you know his son is coaching a possible state champion? Young Charlie is the coach of the Riverton Parke High School baseball team, and they’ve made it to the final four of the Class A Indiana state baseball tournament. They have an outstanding record of 29-4 and they’ll be playing for the championship in Indianapolis this weekend. Good luck, Charlie!

6/13/03: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

Lewis John Eckerman

POLAND — Lewis John Eckerman, 79, of Poland and formerly of Terre Haute died at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday, June 11, 2003, in his residence. He was a salesman for Wabash Fibre Box Co., for 35 years. He was born Sept. 21, 1923, in Terre Haute to Edward Eugene Eckerman and Nora Haring Eckerman. Survivors include his wife of 48 years, Marilyn Waldorf Eckerman; two daughters, Susan Workman and her husband, Rick of Cloverdale and Pam Eckerman of Indianapolis; three sons, Michael Eckerman and his wife, April of Dayton, Oho, Steve Eckerman of Indianapolis and Jeff Eckerman and his wife, Cathy of Plainfield; two sisters, Helen Mary Avelis of St. Mary-of-the-Woods and Catherine Adam of Wilmington, Del.; six grandchildren, Rick Workman, Spencer Workman, Joseph Eckerman, Ann Marie Eckerman, Josie Lain Eckerman and Jenna Marie Eckerman; several nieces and nephews; and several great-nieces and great-nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; and one brother, Edward Henry Eckerman. He was a member of St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Terre Haute, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Clarksville, and lastly, Assumption Catholic Church in Brazil. He was a graduate of Wiley High School in Terre Haute and Indiana State University, where he captained the football team in his senior year, was the Press Club’s outstanding senior man at ISU, served on the student council, was president of Blue Key Honorary Fraternity, was a member of the “I” Men, and was president of Delta Lambda Sigma. He was listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges, and was a member of the Cataract Yacht Club for 22 years. Mass of Christian Burial is 12:05 p.m. Saturday in St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Terre Haute, with the Rev. Joel Burget officiating. Burial is in Zion Cemetery in Poland. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. today in Whitaker Funeral Home in Cloverdale and 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Saturday, in the church, with rosary services at 11:45 a.m. If friends so desire, memorial contributions may be made to the charity of their choice.

6/8/03: From Brenda Raley:
“Greetings from The Raley’s!!!! It’s amazing how busy I’ve been since coming off the road. For those who haven’t heard, my position with International Paper was eliminated at the end of May. I was offered an EHS/HR position at the Kansas City facility, but as you know I’m much too committed to my family, church and community to be up-rooted. I’ve come to realize (I guess it comes with age) that family is very important. Therefore, severance was the only other option. I enjoyed my three years on the road, I learned a lot, and met every challenge. The decision to eliminate my position was all about cost-containment and it was difficult to say good-bye to so many fine friends. But, as with three years ago, I’m confident the Lord will provide something new and exciting for the future. For the time being, I’m enjoying my time off. My grandfather, nephew, and I took a couple of hours one day and visited the Hulman & Co./Clabber Girl museum (and visited Lisa too!). I encourage everyone to take the time. It was fun and you can’t help but take a bench and reminisce a little. The price is right! (free) and there are some neat things in the store to buy!!! John & I will be heading to Kentucky in the next day or so to do some fishing, then back for Father’s day, only to leave the following week on a much over-due, much needed vacation. I’m enjoying all the new pictures, and hope to send some of my own once we return home. Take care everybody! Enjoy your summer! Send those little tid-bits about how you’re doing so we can all keep in touch!
Brenda & John”

Be sure to visit the Nostalgia page for new pictures and also take a look at the Newsletter page – not only is another issue posted, there’s also a little quiz! (Links are above.)

6/4/03: A big THANK YOU to Lisa Lowe for generously sending some new pictures for our Nostalgia page. Some of them have some folks who have never appeared on the website before. Keep watching as the pictures gradually make their appearance, a few at a time! (We don’t want to use them all up at once.)

5/29/03: A message from Lisa Lowe:

“Hi to everyone! Well, we have found our dream house and have lived there one week. Night before last I woke up at 2:00 a.m. There was a hoot owl outside my window! We now live on 41N 1.3 miles north of the Clinton turnoff (163). It is a brick house on the hill and we have 4 acres. I am attaching a picture. (Click on CURRENT PIC button.) The expansion of our museum is finished, so everyone should come by. We’re open 10-6 M-F and 10-3 on Saturday. I ran into Mary Alice Moore at Bryon’s uncle’s funeral. She hasn’t aged one day and still just as nice as ever. Russ Miller and his wife stopped in the museum one day and I ran into Alfie Hill in Menards. It’s always good to see the old Wabash Gang! Still talk to Kathleen and go out to dinner every so often. She is enjoying her new home on the lake. Hope everyone is well! –Lisa”

Here’s something new! Remember the monthly newsletters we had at the plant? If you want to take another look, click HERE or on the button on the left. It’s a sort of history of the Terre Haute plant during most of the 90s.

5/17/03: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

William B. Perdieu, 73, of Pimento and Terre Haute died at 2:43 p.m. Thursday, May 15, 2003, in Union Hospital. He was a dye maker for Wabash Fibre Box Co. He was born Feb. 25, 1930, in Terre Haute to Charles M. Perdieu and Ethel A. Nally Perdieu. Survivors include his wife of 52 years, JoAnn Loveall Perdieu; one son and daughter-in-law, Dane Perdieu and Teressa Perdieu of Ashmore, Ill.; one daughter and son-in-law, Debra Jones and Donald E. Jones Jr., of Vincennes; one brother, Harry E. Perdieu of Terre Haute; three grandchildren, Danessa Perdieu, Mark Jones and Brent Jones; four great-grandchildren, Alex Jones, Trent Jones, Nathan Jones and Benjamin Jones; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; two brothers, Lloyd Perdieu and Paul Perdieu; and three sisters, Virginia Bastian, Iris Worley and Betty Fiscus. He was an Army veteran of World War II and was a lifetime member of Lawton Byrum Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 972 and a lifetime member of the Goldwing Riders Association. Services are 1 p.m. Monday in Callahan & Hughes Funeral Home, 605 S. 25th St., with the Rev. Jeff Lee officiating. Burial is in Highland Lawn Cemetery, with graveside military rites by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6574 of West Terre Haute. Active pallbearers are Donald E. Jones Jr., Mark Jones, Brent Jones, Jack Dreher, Brian French and Bill Walters. Honorary pallbearers are Donald E. Jones Sr., Harold Loveall, Larry Loveall and Bob Yates. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday. If friends so desire, memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105.

5/15/03: “Hi everyone. This is from Ken Boehm, doing OK in Chicago. Just getting started with the internet, but it sure is nice to read and see all the pictures of all my friends. They bring back a lot of good old memories. I will be writing back soon. Ken”

5/8/03: From The Terre Haute Tribune-Star:

Forrest William Lindsay, 74, of Terre Haute died Monday, May 5, 2003, in his residence. He retired from Wabash Fibre Box after 421/2 years. He was born July 7, 1928, in Terre Haute to Forrest William Lindsay Sr. and Lois Beverly Loudermilk Lindsay. Survivors include his wife, Geraldine Coon Lindsay; one daughter, Sharon Lee Koester of Terre Haute; one son, Forrest “Willie” Lindsay III and wife Nancy of Terre Haute; five grandchildren, Tricia Lynn Clark and husband Scott of Jasper, Lucinda Jo Lindsay and friend Brian Harris, Amanda Su Gilbert and husband Chris and Samuel William Koester, all of Terre Haute, and Timothy Paul Koester of Topeka, Kan.; one great-grandson, Kyle Patric Gilbert; one uncle, Arthur Loudermilk of Port St. Lucie, Fla.; several nieces and nephews; three sisters, Norma Jean Decker, Linda Haskell and husband Ed, all of Terre Haute, and Beverly Ann Malone Swafford and husband Burch of Athens, Tenn.; one special sister-in-law, Evelyn Coon of Terre Haute; one brother, Robert Neil Lindsay and wife Juanita of Grayson, Ky.; and one special brother-in-law, William Edgar Coon and wife Georgia of Terre Haute. He was preceded in death by his parents. He was the owner of Lindsay rental property and part-owner of C&L storage sheds. He was a member of First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute and active in Wednesday night prayer services. He was a member of WIBC and ABC Bowling Leagues, past president of Eagles Bowling League, and past member of Senior League Bowling on Friday. He was a past master of Social Lodge 86 Free & Accepted Masons and member of William Penn Lodge 727 Free & Accepted Masons. He also was a past patron of Terre Haute Chapter 43 Order of Eastern Star, worthy patron of OES Chapter 43 for 2003-2004, past patron of Prairieton Chapter 163 OES, and grand usher of Cherished Moments of Time 2000 OES. He was a member of Terre Haute Valley Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Kerman Grotto, Kerman Drum Corps and Kerman Retirees. He also was a member of Zorah Shrine Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Antique Auto Club of Zorah Shrine, charter member of Hill Billy Club of Zorah Shrine, and member of Turtle Club of Zorah Shrine. Services are 10 a.m. Thursday in Roselawn Funeral Home, with the Rev. Paul Carey officiating. Entombment is in Roselawn Chapel of Memories. Visitation is 4 to 8 p.m. today, with OES service at 7 p.m., followed by Masonic services. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to: First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute, Worthy Grand Matrons Project of Order of Eastern Star, or Zorah Shrine Crippled Children’s Hospital.

5/5/03: Be sure to check the Nostalgia page for another new batch of pictures!

4/24/03: A great big thanks to Brenda Raley for digging up some more Nostalgia pictures! (Including a rare one of Karl Baker, who seemed to always be on the other end of the camera.) I’ve got tons of ’em, folks, and rather than post them all at once I’m going to space them out over a period of time – that means you all need to check back here regularly so you won’t miss anything! (And by the way, as long as you’re checking occasionally, why don’t you send in some news items too?) –Steve

4/7/03: If you will excuse a proud Grampa, I’ve posted some new pictures of both of my grandsons. Click here if you want to take a look! –Steve

4/5/03: From Harley Bennet: “News from the Bennets. Our son Joseph and his wife Holly had their first child on 3/13/03. Her name is Olivia Celine Bennet, 6 lbs, 18 inches. Since she came home she has gained about 2 oz per day. This is our 5th grandchild and it has been 17 years since we have had a granddaughter. Ann and I are leaving for Seattle, Washington, 4/8 to go see this newest Bennet. Hope your days are full of fun. Harley”

4/1/03: I know today is April Fools’ Day but this isn’t a joke…I’m changing my email address again! The new one is: penwit@worldkey.net

(The address for the TH Box website is different too, so be sure to re-do your Bookmark while you’re here!)

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CURRENT OR FUTURE RETIREES: You might be eligible for a small annuity (paid to you monthly) that is administered by Sun Life Financial. If you want to check into whether you are eligible, here’s how to contact them: CLICK HERE Our thanks to Brenda Raley for passing this along.

3/3/03: from Jan Hoffman: “First of all CONGRATS to the Albin family on the new addition….that Pete is a real cutey and from the looks of the newborn he will be a heartbreaker, too. You sure have a nice family, Steve. Then, hi to Lisa – sounds like all goes well for you – and good luck on finding the country home….there is nothing like it. And thanks to Brenda Raley for the info on Harold Tichenor’s 90th birthday. That is really wonderful and to think he is still so active…good for him. Regards to all the Weston/Wabash/IP folks from Jack and Jan Hoffman”

2/27/03: Got a nice email from Lisa Lowe – here are some excerpts, with occasional comments from me 🙂

“I didn’t know the website was still up & running. I tried to get in it a couple of times and couldn’t.” (Yep, it’s still running…but I did change webhosts a while back.)

“Clabber Girl has a museum and gift shop now. I am the store manager of the gift shop. We are open from 10-6, so stop by sometime and see me. We are expanding the museum and it will be finished in May. Adding some really neat things.” Click here to see website

“Bryon & I are looking for a house. We are looking for a place in the country.”

“Still have all my animals. Suzie the beagle is getting old – she’s 12 now. I didn’t see a picture of my rabbit, so will attach one of him. (Click CURRENT PIC button.) He is the sweetest little thing. A Netherland Dwarf.

“Hope all is going well for you. Take Care. –Lisa”

2/26/03: Just wanted to pass on some happy news. My grandson Petey has a new baby brother! His name is John Paul Albin and his nickname is “Jack”. If you’re interested, click here to go to the new combined Pete/Jack website. -Steve.

2/23/03: Here’s some news from Brenda Raley…and she’s also promised some “Nostalgia” pictures, so be sure and check back later! “As hard as it is for all of us to believe, “Grandpa” Harold Tichenor will be 90 years young in March. My family is hosting a “surprise” cake and friends birthday celebration for him at the Pimento Firehouse from 2-4 pm on Sunday, March 9, 2003. Everyone is invited. For our friends that can’t attend, a card would be appreciated and can be sent C/O Brenda Raley, 13104 S. Farmersburg Street, Pimento, IN 47866 – Just mark it “90” and I’ll know what it is. He’s doing very well and each day their is no snow and the sun is shining (even half way shining) he’s out on his bicycle. Think Spring!!! – Brenda Raley”

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